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2 Sets Small Scale Liquid Paste Filling Machine Delivery To France


Congratulations to the French customer for completing the shipment of two small liquid paste-filling machines yesterday!!

small scale filling machine packages

Our French customer is in the local perfume and essential oil business. We asked that our small filling machine be mainly used for filling grape seed oil, sesame oil, vegetable oil, essential oils, lotions, perfumes, etc. The filled essential oils are mainly used in spas, bathrooms, saunas, and other places.

According to the customer’s demand for the filling volume of materials per minute and the customer’s filling materials, our account manager recommended two filling machines with different filling capacities, the CSY-L15 paste filling machine and the CSY-L17 liquid filling machine, to the customer. Among them, CSY-L15 paste-filling machines can help customers fill more viscous materials, and CSY-L17 oil liquid filling machines are mainly used for filling perfume.

small scale filling machine details

The customer said that after encountering a problem, the account manager was able to help the customer answer questions as soon as possible. They highly recognized the professionalism and service of our account manager as well as the strength of our company.

liquid filling machine details

Now the customer’s two pieces of equipment have been shipped to the customer’s country. We look forward to the two small filling machines helping the customer’s essential oil and perfume business to gain more market profits as soon as possible!!

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