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YZH-Z-500X2 Automatic vest bag making machine (Standard configuration)

YZH-Z-500X2 Automatic vest bag-making machine is made of HDPE, LDPE, biodegradable material, and cylinder film. It can produce natural colors and printed vest bags.


YZH-Z-500X2 Automatic vest bag-making machine using a computer programming control system, servo motor automatic length, from feeding, sealing, cutting, punching, and conveying one-time completion.

Use of YZH-Z-500X2 Automatic vest bag-making machine

1. Equipped with a domestic servo motor control system, computer control, LPC LCD display, and Panasonic photoelectric eye tracking control, the operation is intuitive and convenient, and color printing bags can be produced at the same time.
2. The main YZH-Z-500X2 Automatic vest bag-making machine adopts a frequency converter to simulate speed regulation and an automatic feeding system, which makes bag-making stable and sealing accurate. Automatic press folding device, conveyor belt bag feeding function,
3. Air-blowing discharge system, with the integral design of the bottom of the bag, the bag collection is neat, and the position of clamping and punching is accurate.
4. The cutter is heated independently by current, and the temperature is controlled automatically by high precision temperature controller, which is easy to operate and accurate.
5. The whole machine adopts IC electronic circuit automatic control, socket type design, easy to replace, and has no material, broken material, blocking material stop function.
6. With years of leading technology in the plastic machinery industry, our company has made breakthrough progress in research and development and built a new generation of high-speed bag-making machines and punching machines. Welcome new and old customers to visit and test the machine.

High-speed machine spare parts list

One hot needle electric heating tube

One electric heating plate

1 heating pipe

One thermocouple each

50 springs

Electronic tape 1 roll

Toolbox 1 set

The main technical parameters of YZH-Z-500X2 Automatic vest bag-making machine

Items YZH-Z-500X2
Max width 100-450mm
Max length 300-1000mm
Bag- making the thickness 0.01-0.05mm
Bag-making speed 10-260pcs/minx2
Air pressure 10HP
Total power 16kw
Weight 2500kg
Overall Dimension(LXWXH) 9600x1500x1800mm

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