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Plastic Film Packaging Stretch Film Wrapping Packing Machine Tray Type


Stretch film wrapping machine is a device used to package goods. It can wrap plastic film tightly on the surface of goods to protect and fix the goods. This kind of machine usually uses polyethylene stretch film, which has excellent tensile properties and tear resistance and can effectively package goods of various shapes and sizes. This kind of packaging machine is usually used to pack palletized goods to ensure the safety of the goods during transportation and storage. Customers can automatically adjust according to the size and shape of goods, thereby improving packaging efficiency and accuracy.

paper film stretch packing machine

As global trade continues to grow, the packaging industry continues to evolve and innovate. Plastic film packaging has become an integral part of the modern packaging industry, especially when it comes to transporting and protecting products. To meet market demand, many companies have begun to invest in plastic film packaging stretch film packaging machines. The stretch film wrapping machines can effectively package and protect products and improve production efficiency.

stretch film packaging machine details

Plastic Film Packaging Machine Features

●Photoelectric automatic sensing of the height of goods;
●Humanized panel icons make operation more convenient and simple;
●Star-shaped arrangement of wear-resistant roller supports, low-noise operation;
●Film frame pre-stretching mechanism (stretch ratio 250%), easy to pull out the film;
●The turntable has variable frequency speed regulation, slow start, and slow stop, and automatic reset;
●It adopts a chain structure, and the rising and falling speed of the membrane frame can be set independently;
●PLC is programmable to control the operation of the whole machine, and the number and number of winding layers are adjustable from 1 to 9 turns;

Here is the stretch film packaging machien YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Stretch Film Packaging Machine Details

01. Reserve lifting eye holes for easy maintenance;
02. Control interface, switch between Chinese and English;
03. Standard configuration is 3 meters, external power cord;
04. Forklift holes are reserved at the front and rear for easy movement;
05. Pictures of control knobs with simple and easy-to-understand labels;
06. The opening of the membrane holder makes it easy to thread the membrane and protects personnel safety;

stretch film packaged goods

In general, plastic film packaging stretch film packaging machine is a very important automatic packaging equipment in the modern packaging industry. The stretch film wrapping packing machine can effectively improve packaging efficiency and quality, meet market demand, reduce packaging costs, and improve competitiveness. With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous development of the market, it is believed that this kind of machine will be more widely used and developed. If you are also interested in this plastic film pacaking machine, welcoem to contact us freely!!

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