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The quality standard of the KZ-900 Semi-automatic low table baler


KZ-900 Semi-automatic low table baler and quality standard. In order to meet the performance requirements of the packaging, for each product and packaging combination, there must be a dedicated baler to monitor whether it is consistent with the specification. These indicators can be divided into attribute indicators and variable indicators.

Property indicators refer to “yes or no” quality indicators of shape, such as whether there are bubbles or cracks on the glass, whether there are scratches on the tinplate, etc.; variable indicators refer to indicators that can be measured. For example, height, size, and quality, within a specified tolerance Within a range, all variables can be measured with instruments to determine whether they meet specifications.

Experience with product and packaging has shown that it is necessary to develop a KZ-900 Semi-automatic low table baler list and quality standards. For inexperienced new product packaging manufacturers, the packaging material manufacturing suppliers used by packaging machinery are the source of experience to determine the level and qualification limits. For a given defect or defect class, quality acceptance criteria can be determined, as well as the sampling method used to judge compliance with the specification. The sampling method for acceptance is not included in the packaging material specification, because the production quantity of the product is variable, so the random sampling inspection method has practical significance.

Principle and characteristics of semi-automatic low table baler

KZ-900 Semi-automatic low table baler is re-designed and manufactured on the basis of foreign prototypes and has a wide range of packaging. Regardless of the size of the package, it can be packaged without adjusting the machine. The baler is a mechanical structure, and some imported parts are used. The rear blade is stable and reliable, and it is easy to adjust.

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