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Semi Automatic Polypropylene Strapping Machine Low Platform KZ-900

KZ-900 Semi-automatic low table baler is a strapping machine professionally produced by our company, with advanced technology and affordable price, welcome to buy.


KZ-900 Semi-automatic polypropylene strapping machine is equipped with a high-speed motor, pure copper coil, strong power, high-quality movement, stable performance, and silent design, which makes the operating sound of this packer very small and reduces noise. Packing large objects with high heat melting temperature, firm packing, easy operation panel, and a universal wheel with brake. It is widely used in the packaging of food, medicine, cosmetics, books, electrical appliances, toys, and other industries.

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Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Advantages

High strength alloy;
High-end hardware;
Strong binding force;
One -button tightening;
The melting point is firm;
A wide range of packages;

KZ-900 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Technical Parameters

Model: KZ-900D
Working Method: Semi-Automatic
Packing belt thickness: 0.7-0.9mm
Packing belt width: 10-14mm
Packing speed: 1.5m/s
Smallest package: 60*60mm
Largest package: Unlimited
Voltage Power 220V/50HZ  300W
Dimension 1320*570*450mm
Gross Weight 80kg

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Polypropylene Strapping Machine Features

Dual motor power, strong stability;
The welding is firm, and it is not easy to break when transported by force;
Start the heating system for 5 seconds, continuous operation, high efficiency;
The thickened panel of the fuselage is resistant to pressure and wear, and has a long service life;

Here is the polypropylene strapping machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Manual

Put the packaged product on the machine, and let the product lean against the positioning handle.
Wrap the strap vertically around the item to be packed, and insert one end of the strap into the take-up opening.
The packing machine will automatically tighten the packing tape according to the set strength and cut it off.


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