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Technical points of G1WG-U Pneumatic filling machine


G1WG-U Pneumatic filling machine is a negative pressure semi-automatic filling machine, which is purely pneumatic equipment. The equipment does not require electricity and is easy to operate. The operator only needs to clamp the bottle under the filling head or control it with a pedal to perform filling. The machine adopts the principle of vacuum constant liquid level filling and fills the material into the container through stable vacuum suction, and the filling volume is the filling method of constant liquid level. When the material reaches the filling nozzle, the excess material is recycled into the recovery tank. The level of filling depends on how deep the filling nozzle is inserted into the container, so the liquid level is always the same regardless of whether the container is consistent or not. It is one of our most economical filling machines. The part in contact with the material is made of 304 stainless steel. It is suitable for filling glass bottles and plastic bottles that are not easily deformed after vacuuming. The machine is easy to maintain, does not require special maintenance tools, has high filling accuracy, and will not miss filling. The number of filling nozzles can be customized according to your special requirements.

Features of G1WG-U Pneumatic filling machine

G1WG-U Pneumatic filling machine the way filling capacity is to control the height of the liquid level. There are no strict requirements on the shape of the bottle. Simple structure, easy operation, and maintenance. Purely pneumatic machinery complies with anti-explosion requirements. Equipped with the automatic drainage system.

Technical points of G1WG-U Pneumatic filling machine

G1WG-U Pneumatic filling machine is reasonable in design, small in size, and easy to operate. The pneumatic parts adopt pneumatic components from FESTO in Germany and AirTac and SHAKO in Taiwan. The material contact parts are all made of 316L stainless steel, which meets the requirements of GMP. There is a filling volume adjustment handle, the filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the filling accuracy is high. The filling bulkhead adopts an anti-drip, anti-drawing, and lifting filling device. This series of filling machines are divided into single-head, double-head, and explosion-proof models.

Action principle of G1WG-U Pneumatic filling machine

1. After the air source is connected, the metering cylinder is in the lower part (sufficient rubber material is absorbed during working conditions), and it will be retained after the last work.
2. Put the filling container in place, step on the reversing valve with the foot pedal, and make the pneumatic reversing valve in the left position, and the metering pump supplies glue to the outside for filling. The metering drive cylinder piston rod valve touches the stroke reversing valve, and the stroke valve reverses so that the pneumatic reversing valve is in the right position, and the metering pump sucks glue. One pour is completed and the compound is prepared for the next pour.
3. For continuous priming, set the selector switch to the closed position. At this time, the piston rod will be filled again when it touches the stroke valve. Repeatedly.
4. If the G1WG-U Pneumatic filling machine is filling for the first time, the second filling will be an empty filling.
5. The adjustment of the filling speed and glue suction speed is realized by adjusting the one-way throttle valve.
6. The adjustment of the metering value is realized by adjusting the relative position of the stroke reversing valve and the piston rod of the metering drive cylinder.

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