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G1WG-U Type Chili Tomato Sauce Paste Filling Machine

G1WG-U type tomato sauce filling machine uses compressed air as the power to make the operation more convenient, which is specially designed for hospitals, laboratories, beauty salons, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. It is very suitable for filling small-meter liquids and pastes.


G1WG-U-shaped pneumatic tomato sauce filling machine is an efficient and reliable filling equipment, which is widely used in the food processing industry. It adopts advanced pneumatic technology, which can quickly and accurately complete the filling work of tomato sauce.

U type filling machine

The unique feature of this tomato chili sauce filling machine is its U-shaped hopper design. With this design, it saves space and adapts more easily to different line layouts. It can be easily connected with other equipment to form a compact ketchup production line and improve the efficiency of ketchup production.

G1WG-U Tomato Sauce Filling Machine Advantages

1. Strong attraction;
2. High-precision filling;
3. Built-in stirring function;
4. All stainless steel body,corrosion-resistant;
5. Large capacity hopper and fast filling speed;
6. G1WG-U Pneumatic filling machine the hopper has a stirring function to make the material filling more uniform;

Here is the tomato sauce filling machine working process in our factory for your reference!!

G1WG-U Pneumatic Filling Machine Parameter

Model: G1WG-U
Working Method: Pneumatic, work with air compressor
Filling Category Paste and Liquid
Number of Filling Heads One/Double/Multiple
Working Speed: 15-35 Cans/min
Filling Range: 50-500ml
Filling Nozzle Diameter: ≥4mm
Filling Accuracy: ≤±1%
Hopper Volume: 80L
Working Pressure: 0.4-0.9MPa
Anti-drip function: Yes
Can be with Heater Mixer Yes
Power Supply 220V/110V  50HZ/60HZ


Chili Sauce Filling Machine Features

Rotary blade stirring stand

Rotary blade stirring stand
Rotary blade stirring support, stirring more evenly and smoothly;

genuine cylinder

Using genuine cylinder
Using Youpin cylinder, it is stronger, more efficient and durable;

High power motor

High power motor
High-power motor, more powerful, less noise, stable performance;

anti-drip discharge nozzle

Stainless steel anti-drip discharge nozzle
Anti-shake design, stable and durable, quantitative filling without clogging, high-precision anti-drip filling system;


U-shaped pneumatic tomato sauce filling machine is an efficient and reliable equipment that can meet the needs of production lines of different scales. Its unique design and flexibility make it ideal for ketchup/chilli sauce production. Whether it is large-scale production or small-scale tomato sauce/chili sauce production, this filling machine can improve production efficiency and save costs.

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