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Principle and characteristics of A03 manual filling machine


A03 Manual filling machine is a new self-brewing equipment launched by Zhengzhou JYD Machine, which is suitable for manual filling of wine in small batches. The equipment has compact structure, reasonable layout and easy operation. The manual liquid filling machine is designed with a whole body of stainless steel, and it is also a semi-automatic liquid filling machine. This filling machine can fill cream/liquid substances such as liquid medicine, fluid food, shampoo and shampoo, and has the function of a paste liquid filling all-in-one machine. It is mainly suitable for filling small doses of liquid or paste in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food processing and other industries.

Principle and characteristics of A03 manual filling machine

A. The capacity of this manual liquid filling machine is 50g, which is only suitable for quantitative filling of 50g.
B. Rotate the capacity adjustment button when in use, and there is a scale for viewing, which is easy and convenient to operate.
C. Simple structure, convenient operation, economical and practical, accurate capacity, etc.
D. The manual liquid filling machine is constructed of stainless steel and is suitable for acid and alkali media.

Features of A03 Manual filling machine

1. Automatic control of the liquid level in the wine storage tank of the filling machine;
2. The entire filtering and filling system is integrated on one operating platform, with reasonable design and elegant appearance;
3. The A03 Manual filling machine box is reserved for cleaning and sewage outlets, which is convenient for cleaning;
4. The unique design of the filling valve can precisely control the height of the filling liquid;
5. The height of the wine bottle support bracket can be adjusted manually, which is suitable for filling various bottle types, especially for the production of special-shaped bottle products.

Maintenance precautions of A03 Manual filling machine

1. When the manual liquid filling machine is filling, foreign matter must not be mixed in the filling, otherwise it may cause inaccurate discharge or damage to the machine parts;
2.In order to keep A03 Manual filling machine the stainless steel body clean, please do not scrape the surface with sharp or hard tools. If there is any pollution, please wipe it with alcohol;
3. The one-way valve of the equipment, the stainless steel tee, and the material tank should be removed and cleaned frequently.
4. The cylinder has been lubricated before leaving the factory, please do not open the cylinder or add any lubricating oil.

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