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Small Scale Manual Paste Liquid Flling Machine A03

The A03 Manual filling machine can quantitatively fill liquids, pastes, and other materials. It is mainly suitable for filling products in beverages, daily chemicals, pesticides, medicine, and special industries.


The manual paste / liquid filling machine adopts a piston structure, which can carry out 2-50ml quantitative filling of liquid, paste and other materials. This manual liquid filling machine is mainly suitable for filling and filling products in food, daily chemical, pesticide, medicine and special industries. At the same time, the rotary valve used in this equipment is made of wear-resistant, acid-resistant, high-temperature-resistant PTFE material, and it cannot be knocked or collided at will during cleaning.

manual filling machine

Wide range of applications

It is suitable for the packaging of various beverages, sauces, medicines, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juices, skin care products such as essences, essential oils, perfumes and other small-dose ointment liquid products!

manual filling machien applications

A03 Manual Filling Machine Feature

1. 10L Large capacity hopper and the material is Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel.
2. Two sizes of nozzles can be replaced. Its nozzle is 4mm and 8mm.
3. The filling range is 5-50ml,which can also customized to 10-100ml.
4. This A03 Manual filling machine can fill paste, cream, and liquid, as long as with fluidity.

Here is the small liquid filling machine youtube video for your reference!!


Manual Filling Machine A03 Technical Parameters

Model: A03
Working Method: Hand Pressure
Working Speed: 20-30cans/min
Filling Range: 5-50ml,10-100ml
Filling Nozzle Diameter: ≥4mm
Filling Accuracy: ±2%
Hopper Volume: 10L
Packing Size: 34*34*78cm
Gross Weight 13kg

small liquid filling machine

Small Scale Liquid Filling Machine Advantages

Portable unloading handle
Manual control is free and easy to operate;
Stable chassis
Thickened and heavier forged, stronger support;
Stainless steel funnel
Made of stainless steel, it will not corrode or rust for a long time;
Steel outlet
Made of fine steel, stable and durable, accurate filling and long life;


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