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Small Perfume Filling Machine Case In Czech Republic


Our client is from the Czech Republic, where he is a family business, mainly engaged in the perfume and cosmetics business. The customer learned through Ali that we make this small perfume-filling machine specifically for perfume filling.

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The small perfume-filling machine working principle equipped with a peristaltic pump to pump water by squeezing the water pipe, that is, the roller squeezes the hose from the outside of the hose to squeeze out other liquids such as perfume, and other liquids such as perfume only pass through the water pipe. Clean and pollution-free, easy to change tubes, and easy to clean. This is the main reason why customers from the Czech Republic choose us.

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Customers are more concerned about the cleaning of pipelines in the later stage and ask us how to clean the pipelines. Cleaning and maintenance of peristaltic pumps are relatively simple. Because its structure is relatively simple, usually only including the pump head, hose, and driving device, it is relatively easy to clean. Generally speaking, you only need to clean the pump head and hose regularly, check the hose for wear or aging, and keep the drive device running normally. Below is our CSY-1200 peristaltic pump hose replacement YouTube video for your reference.

Secondly, our CSY-1200 small peristaltic pump perfume-filling machine also has the following advantages:

First, peristaltic pumps have good flow control capabilities. It can accurately adjust the flow rate as needed, ensuring that each bottle of perfume is accurately filled. This is very important to maintain perfume quality and consistency.

Secondly, peristaltic pumps can avoid cross-contamination. Due to the working principle of the peristaltic pump, the perfume does not come into contact with the mechanical parts of the pump, thus preventing mixing or contamination between different batches of perfume. This helps maintain the purity and high quality of the fragrance.

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In addition, peristaltic pumps have good corrosion resistance. Perfumes often contain a variety of chemical ingredients, some of which may have a corrosive effect on the pump’s materials. Peristaltic pumps are made from corrosion-resistant materials so they can operate reliably for long periods, reducing the need for repairs and replacement parts.

Now the customer’s CSY-1200 small liquid-filling machine has been successfully shipped. We look forward to this peristaltic pump perfume-filling machine helping customers gain more business profits as soon as possible. If you are also interested in this CSY-1200 small perfume-filling machine If you are interested, please feel free to leave a message with us online for more details and a free quotation!

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