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Operation process of REX-C700 Lipstick filling machine


REX-C700 Lipstick filling machine is suitable for lipstick, color painting, handicrafts; etc. for heating and stirring. The body is made of stainless steel and the temperature is controlled by a computer. The speed is 30-200 rpm, adjustable speed, and non-adjustable speed.

Advantages of REX-C700 Lipstick filling machine

REX-C700 Lipstick filling machine is small in size, reasonable in design, and easy to operate; the pneumatic part adopts pneumatic components from Taiwan, and China, with stable performance and low failure rate. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the parts in contact with materials are made of 304/316L stainless steel, which complies with GMP hygienic requirements. The filling nozzle adopts a pneumatic anti-drip device, so the filling will not be drawn or dripped. It can be changed to a full pneumatic explosion-proof type according to environmental requirements, and it can be operated completely without electricity, which is more secure.

Common faults and troubleshooting of the REX-C700 Lipstick filling machine

(1) The cylinder does not work
1: Check whether the air compressor is turned on. This equipment is a pneumatic filling machine and requires an air pump.
2: Check whether the air source switch and power switch are turned on;
3: Check whether the air pressure meets the requirements, usually the air pressure is set to;
4: Check whether the steering valve is installed correctly;
5: Check whether the fixed orpiment switch is moved, and adjust it to a suitable position;
(2) The filling volume is unstable:
1: Check the viscosity of the material and whether the sealing ring of each part is damaged, reduce the speed of pumping and discharging, and replace the sealing ring;
2: Check whether there is enough material in the hopper, just fill it. The rapid development of science and technology has gradually expanded the filling machine industry. The mixed lipstick-filling machine market makes it difficult for consumers to get started. Consumers who need filling machines may not have a professional understanding of filling machines.

Operation process of REX-C700 Lipstick filling machine

1. Before starting the machine, make sure that the power plug of the lipstick filling machine is connected to the 380V power supply and the grounding wire of the machine chassis. 2. Make sure that the air pressure on the paste-filling machine is constant.
3. Make sure that the valve of the reaction tank and the pipeline of the filter device are tightly connected, the filter cloth of the filter device is intact and undamaged, the cover is closed and the bolts are tightened to ensure that there is no leakage under the packaging pressure.
4. Check all the connecting lines related to the REX-C700 Lipstick filling machine to ensure that there is no fault such as broken skin or short circuit.
5. Check whether the motors, bearings, etc. need to be lubricated. It is strictly forbidden to run without oil. The machine can only be started after it is normal.
6. Check whether the safety facilities function normally.


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