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REX-C700 15-30L Lipstick Filling Machine Blender Lip Gloss Mixer

This REX-C700 Lipstick filling machine blender is specially designed for hospitals, laboratories, beauty salons, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.


REX-C700 Lipstick filling machine blender with heating and stirring functions to make the material canning more uniform. It with high-precision filling, is simple and convenient to operate.  The Lipstick filling machine is suitable for filling liquids, ointments, small bottles of hotel shampoo, shower gel, and other materials. Users can set the filling capacity according to their needs.

lipstick filling machine blender

Lip Gloss Mixer Advantages

High Power;
Extra thick hopper;
good mixing effect;
stable performance;

REX-C700 Lipstick Filling Machine Technical Parameters

Model: REX-C700
Number of Filling Heads One
Working Method: Semi-Automatic
Working Speed: 20-60 times/min
Filling Range: Unlimited
Filling Nozzle Diameter: 6mm
Filling Accuracy: ±1%
Hopper Volume: 15L/30L
Power 1.5KW
Material Stainless Steel
Packing Size: 55*44*73cm/68*56*86cm
Gross Weight 21kg/38kg
lipstick filling machine applications

Lipstick Filling Machine Blender Features

① 15 L/30L thickened barrel, easy to clean and durable;
②New operating system, the system is more stable and easy to operate;
③High-power brand stirring motor is used to ensure continuous work for a long time;
④ All stainless steel metal, suitable for harsh working environments, in line with food and drug hygiene standards;

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