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How To Use Semi Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine


The semi automatic vacuum capping machine uses the rotation of the pneumatic actuator to drive the capping head on the cylinder plate to reciprocate back and forth through the air pressure, so as to control the rise and fall; the horizontal cylinder controls the reciprocating movement of the clamping mold to complete the machine work. When the bottle cap is tightened, the capping head automatically rises, which can effectively avoid the wear of the bottle cap. At the same time, it also indicates that the operation of the next bottle cap can be started, which effectively reduces the labor intensity and ensures the quality of the screw cap.

semi automatic vacuum capping machine

The semi-automatic vacuum capping machine is purely electric, which breaks the traditional combination of electricity and transforms it into a purely mechanical transmission, which is easier to operate and more convenient to use. Turn on the power switch, without adjusting any technical parameters, it can meet the requirements of vacuum capping

The semi automatic vacuum capping machine is properly connected and started, and the capped bottles and jars are placed on the operator’s workbench;

1.Turn on the power switch on the equipment panel, and manually lift the vacuum chamber door to the highest position;

2.Manually place the bottle with the cap on the tray in the vacuum chamber, and manually pull down the vacuum chamber door until the door and the sealing strip fit together;

3.The vacuum reversing valve is automatically opened, and when the value of the vacuum chamber reaches the set value, the capping and capping actions are automatically started;

4.When the cap is screwed to the set torque, the torque feedback signal switches the vacuum reversing valve to release air to the vacuum chamber to atmospheric pressure, the door automatically opens and resets to the highest point under the spring force;

5.Manually remove the sealed jar and proceed to the next jar.

According to different bottle and cap types, content characteristics and vacuum degree requirements, adjust cap screwing torque and vacuum degree value. It takes 2 to 4 seconds from the closing of the vacuum chamber door to the automatic opening of the cap, and the proficiency of general workers can reach a production capacity of 12 to 15 cans per minute.

Here is the semi automatic vacuum capping machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Semi Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine Features

●Using high-tech electronic chip, high precision and clear reading

●Text panel, comfortable appearance, simple setting, beautiful and practical.

●Microcomputer control mode, electronic memory function; electric combined control device, can adjust the tightness according to different bottle caps, and can screw caps of different shapes and specifications. It is easy to use, safe and reliable, and has a wide range of applications, especially suitable for screw caps of special-shaped glass bottles.

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