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Stainless Steel Semi Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine ZKXG30B

GC-ZKXG30B Stainless steel vacuum capping machine is widely used in food, canned goods, condiments, health products, and other industries. The vacuum capping operation of three (four) rotary tinplate glass bottles can prolong the shelf life of products effectively. Vacuum capping has become the trend of modern bottled food production.


Semi automatic vacuum capping machine adopts mechanical, electrical and gas-body design, compact and reasonable structure, the material  is high-quality 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which meets GMP requirements.This vacuum capping machine glass jar integrates automatic vacuum capping and capping. Applicable bottle shapes include round, square, various special shapes, etc., with strong applicability ;It is an ideal automatic vacuum capping equipment for glass bottles, which is widely used in various fields such as food and beverage, sauces, condiments, medicine, and health care products.

vacuum capping machine

Semi Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine Advantages

1. High vacuum, adjustable cap torsion.
2. Vacuum and capping are integrated, with a high degree of automation.
3. GC-ZKXG30B Stainless steel vacuum capping machine applicable bottle type: round bottle, hexagonal bottle, elliptical bottle, and other shaped glass bottles.

Here is the vacuum capping machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

GC-ZKXG30B Vacuum Capping Machine Feature

Rotary Motion Components
Improve twist cap quality and runnability;
microcomputer control
Electronic memory function; electric combination control device;
Stainless steel body
Reach hygienic standards, achieve high cleanliness and never deform to bring you a better experience in use;
Wide range of application
It is suitable for medicine, daily chemical, food and special industries, and is an ideal equipment for dual-purpose filling of liquid paste;

vacuum capping machine

Vacuum Capping Machine Glass Jar Technical Parameter

Model GCZKXG-30B
Voltage 110v/220v 50-60HZ
Power 1.2KW
Air pressure 0.5-0.7 Mpa
Working capacity 10-25 pcs/min
Bottle pressure ≤67 KPA
Cap diameter 20-100 mm
Bottle height 50-200 mm
Machine dimension 75*65*150cm
Machine weight 220 kg

How To Use Vacuum Cupping Machine

The vacuum capping machine is mainly operated through the control panel, it is simple and easy to operate.

1.Open the vacuum capping machine “cap opening” knob;
2.Turn the adjustment knob to the leftmost (slowest) first, then turn off the power switch;
3.When shutting down the machine, turn the speed control knobs to the far left first;

Tips: The vacuum capping machine designs the corresponding mold according to the bottle specifications, and manually puts the bottle and takes the bottle manually, which is simple, convenient and fast, and can ensure the stability of the vacuum degree during the capping vacuuming process.

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