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How to operate the FR-770 Plastic bag sealing machine?


FR-770 Plastic bag sealing machine has made great progress, but it is undeniable that especially in terms of packaging technology level, it has shown good packaging and sealing technology, which has also driven the development of the industry and set an example for the integrity of the enterprise. Especially in recent years, the use of automatic plastic bag sealing machines has been widely used in various industries, and many companies are transforming through automation to improve industrial efficiency. As a plastic bag sealing machine that fully meets the national food safety requirements, it can be used horizontally, vertically, and floor-standing. The horizontal type is used for packaging and sealing dry items; the vertical type is suitable for packaging and sealing various items.

Principle and characteristics of FR-770 Plastic bag sealing machine

FR-770 Plastic bag sealing machine is redesigned and manufactured on the basis of foreign models, and it also has the function of vertical and horizontal sealing. It is suitable for sealing and bag-making of all plastic films. It is the best sealing equipment for food factories, cosmetic factories, pharmaceutical factories, and other units. It can run continuously, and can also print the date and batch number according to the needs of users. Suitable for assembly line matching.

FR-770 Plastic bag sealing machine is easier to operate than this
To operate the FR-770 Plastic bag sealing machine Check and prepare first: use 220V single-phase AC power supply. Equipped with a shell grounding three-pin socket, before use, check whether the voltage of the power supply meets the requirements, whether the wiring is firm, and whether the bottom line is connected. According to the operator’s work situation, adjust the height of the FR-770 Plastic bag sealing machine and check the rotating parts Whether the lubrication is good, inject a proper amount of lubricating oil, if the automatic plastic bag sealing machine is used for the first time or the interval between use is too long, the electric heating tube may be damp and the insulation resistance will decrease (it is normal), it should be preheated at low temperature for half an hour, and then for normal operation. The second is to adjust the height and front and rear positions of the conveyor table of the FR-770 Plastic bag sealing machine according to the size and filling volume of the packaging bag. For height adjustment, use a random special meniscus wrench to loosen the bridge gear nut, and then tighten it after proper adjustment; adjust the position of the sealing width positioning frame according to the sealing size.

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