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Horizontal Band Sealer Plastic Bag Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine FR-770

FR-770 Plastic bag sealing machine suitable for sealing adopts electronic constant temperature control and speed transmission mechanism, automatic and continuous sealing materials of plastic film, According to the need to also can configure creasing printed wheel and counting device.


The continuous horizontal plastic aluminum foil bag sealing machine is a machine used to seal plastic bags and aluminum foil bags. It can perform sealing operations continuously to improve production efficiency. This kind of sealing machine is usually used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other industries to ensure the quality and safety of products.

automatic bag sealing machine

Plastic Bag Band Selaer Features

1. Its sealing length is not restricted, high efficiency, reliable sealing quality, reasonable structure, easy to operate, and so on.
2. FR-770 Plastic bag sealing machine suitable for sealing packaging of various bags, and can connect with kinds of packaging lines.
3. Need to be heated before use.

FR-770 Plastic Bag Sealing Machine Parameter

Model FR-770
Machine Power 500W
Printing Mode Steel Seal
Temperature control range 0-300℃
Sealing speed 1-12M/MIN (adjustable)
Sealing length Unlimited
Sealing width 6-15mm (adjustable)
Sealing thickness 0.02-0.8mm
Max. load-bearing <5kg

Here is the aluminum foil bag sealing machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Aluminum Foil Bag Sealing Machine Details

Stainless steel storage table
Pure stainless steel storage table, durable, metal texture, easy to operate;

Pressure adjustment button
Adjustable printing pressure knob can adjust the printing pressure according to actual needs;

Embossing wheel
Equipped with a high-quality embossing wheel, the printing is stable, the sealing is beautiful and strong, and the printing is clear;

Conveyor table adjustment
The conveyor table can be adjusted up and down, front and back, and parameters can be adjusted according to actual needs to increase operating efficiency;

Cooling vents
The equipment is equipped with a large number of heat dissipation vents to dissipate heat faster and effectively protect the body from damage due to overheating;

The equipment uses thickened and wear-resistant conveyor belts, which are more durable than conveyor belts on the market, and the quality of genuine equipment is guaranteed;

Cooling heating block
Adjust the sealing speed and the transmission speed of the conveyor belt. It is equipped with air-cooling heat dissipation, which can dissipate heat faster and more effectively to ensure safety. Protect the machine body; 100% pure copper heating block, heating more evenly and durable;


The continuous horizontal plastic aluminum foil bag sealing machine is a powerful and widely used sealing equipment. It plays an important role in improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality and safety. As the requirements for product packaging in various industries continue to increase, sealing machines will have a broader space for development and provide better support for the development of enterprises. If you are also interested in this kind of sealing machine, please feel free to leave a message with us online for more detailed information and free quotation!!

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