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How Does A Tablet Press Machine Work


A tablet press machine is a piece of equipment used to manufacture tablets and other solid preparations. It works based on a series of complex and precise steps that ensure the quality and consistency of the final product.

pill pressing machine

First, the raw drug is crushed into powder and enters the feed port of the tablet press through a special feeding system. This feeding system ensures that the drug ingredients are uniform in each tablet.

Next, the powder is conveyed into a metal part called a die. Molds have specific shapes and dimensions that determine the final tablet’s appearance and size. The powder in the mold is put under pressure to hold it tightly together.

A pressure system is then applied to the mold to compress the powder into a solid tablet. This pressure system usually consists of one or more pressure rollers and a pressure plate. The pressure roller rotates and applies pressure to ensure that the powder is evenly distributed in the mold and forms a firm tablet.

Finally, the finished tablet is ejected from the mold and collected and packaged by a conveyor belt or other device. During the whole process, the tablet press needs to strictly control parameters such as pressure, speed and temperature to ensure the quality and consistency of the tablet.

Here is the tablets press machine working process in our factory for your reference!!

To sum up, the flat tablet press realizes the curing and molding of the drug through the process of compressing the powder into a solid tablet. This machine plays a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring the quality and reliability of the tablets to meet the demand for medicines.

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