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How Does A Magnetic Water Pump Work


The magnetic water pump is a pump that does not need a mechanical seal, and its working principle is based on magnetic force transmission. It consists of two main parts: the drive unit and the pump body. The drive unit consists of the motor, magnet, and transmission, while the pump body consists of the impeller and pump casing.


When the motor starts, it generates a rotating magnetic field, which is transmitted to the impeller in the pump body through the magnet. The impeller is made of permanent magnetic material, so it can create an attractive force with the magnet. When the impeller is attracted by the magnet, it starts to spin.

When the impeller rotates, it will suck the liquid into the pump body, and push the liquid to the outlet of the pump body by centrifugal force. Since there is no mechanical seal, the liquid in the pump body will not leak. This makes magnetic water pumps very useful when handling corrosive liquids or hazardous substances.

In addition, magnetic water pumps also have some other advantages. They are generally quieter, more energy efficient, and require less maintenance than traditional pumps. Since there are no mechanical seals, there is virtually no friction in the pump body, so it lasts longer and doesn’t generate excessive heat.

Magnetic Water Pumps liquid filling machine

In conclusion, the magnetic water pump achieves leak-free, efficient, and reliable liquid delivery by utilizing the principle of magnetic force transfer. Such magnetic water pumps are used in our GX-1 Magnetic Pump Liquid Filling Machine, besides they are widely used in many industrial and commercial applications and also have a positive impact on environmental protection and energy saving.

Here is the magnetic pump liquid filling machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

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