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Automatic Capsule Flling Machine Working Principle


An automatic capsule-filling machine is a piece of equipment used to manufacture pharmaceutical capsules, the automatic capsule-filling machine working principle is based on a series of precise steps and mechanisms. The machines are designed to increase productivity and reduce human error.

capsule filling machine

First, the drug powder is loaded into a container called a powder bin.

Next, a rotating carousel brings the capsules into the filling area. In the filling area, a device called a filler injects the drug powder from the powder chamber into the capsule.

The stuffer works by means of a pair of rotating discs. One of the discs has many small holes that hold the capsules. The other disc has many small holes that hold the powder. As the two discs rotate, the holes align, allowing the powder to be filled into the capsule.

Here is the automatic capsule filling machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

In order to ensure accurate filling quantities, fillers are usually equipped with load cells. These sensors detect the weight of the powder inside the capsule and adjust to a preset fill level. Once the desired fill volume is reached, the filler stops injecting the drug powder.

After filling, the turntable brings the capsules into the closed area. In the closed area, the two half-shells of the capsule are pressurized and bonded together to form a complete capsule. This process typically uses heat sealing techniques to ensure the airtightness of the capsules.

Finally, the filled capsules move out of the machine via a conveyor belt or other mechanism, ready for packaging and distribution.

The automatic capsule filling machine working principle is a precise and efficient process, which improves production efficiency and quality control through automation technology. The application of this machine makes the pharmaceutical manufacturing process more reliable and sustainable, providing people with safer and high-quality medicines.

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