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Automatic Rotary Yogurt Cup Filling And Sealing Machine YT-300

YT-300 Automatic cup filling and sealing machine is a full-automatic filling and sealing machine, through a PLC controller and various pneumatic electronic accessories to achieve automatic cup drop UV sterilization (optional), automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic coding (optional), automatic capping, The finished product is automatically sent to the assembly line to realize mass production.


The YT-300 Automatic cup filling and sealing machine is suitable for yogurt and various viscous materials , and is widely used in the yogurt processing industry. It is an ideal cup/box yogurt filling and sealing equipment. It can automatically complete yogurt automatic cup dropping, metering, filling, film dropping, finished product transportation, and can be configured according to customer requirements to print batch numbers and other functions.

automatic cup filling and sealing machine

Automatic Cup Filling And Sealing Machine Features

1. Using PLC and man-machine interface control, the operation is simple and clear.
2. Ribbon date printer, UV, hopper with heating and mixing and protective cover optional, etc.
3. YT-300 Automatic cup filling and sealing machine suitable for packing different material yorgurt cups.
4. Featured with automatic load cup, filling, sealing, and output into one with a high degree of automation.
5. The yogurt and other liquid filling accuracy is high, the electric eye automatically tracks and corrects the sealing position, and the sealing pattern is accurately aligned.

How To Seal Cup-Yogurt Cup Filling Machine Working Process

how to seal cup


Automatic Rotary Cup Filling And Sealing Machine Technical Parameters

Model: YT-300
Working Method: Pneumatic, work with air compressor
Filling Category Paste and Liquid
Number of Filling Heads One or Double
Working Speed: 800-1000bottles/h or 1600-2000bottles/h
Cup Diameter Customized
Filling Range: 10-300ml
Filling Nozzle Diameter: ≥4mm
Filling Accuracy: ≤±1%
Hopper Volume: 30L
Working Pressure: 0.4-0.9MPa
Anti-drip function: Yes
Can be with Heater Mixer Yes
Power Supply 220V/110V  50HZ/60HZ
Power 1KW OR 1.6KW
Packing Size: 100*100*175cm OR 120*120*175cm
Gross Weight 300kg OR 380kg


Non-standard cups can be customized, and cup sealing machines of different calibers can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. Meet the diverse needs of customers! !

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