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6120 Semi Automatic Special-shaped Capping Machine

YKCGJ-6120 Semi automatic special-shaped capping machine is designed by a professional technical team, with advanced technology and reliable quality. The equipment introduces foreign technology and has been improved and developed by our technicians. Once it is launched, it is loved by the majority of users.


YKCGJ-6120 Semi automatic special-shaped capping machine electrical control movement, strong stability; with positioning device, screw cap standard, easy to operate; lock cover a wide range, can lock differently.

Spray Cap Sealer Advantages

Long life
Strong performance
Support customization

Here is the spray cap sealer youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!


spray caps bottles

Semi Auto Bottle Capping Machine Feature

1. YKCGJ-6120 Semi auto capping machine can be adjusted according to different caps tightness.
2. Fora variety of daily chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, nozzle/ pump head/spray pump/hand button gun cap lid cover machinery.
3. Shape specifications of the cap; to solve the nozzle, pump head, spray pump, and hand button spray guns difficult to solve the problem; lock cover adjustable speed.

YKCGJ-6120 Capping Machine Technical Parameter

Model YKCGJ-6120
Voltage AC 220v 50HZ
Power 90 w
Working Pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Lock cover range Cap height 5-40cm, diameter 2-5cm
Torque 4-8 kg
Locking speed 30-45 pcs/min
Size 480*400*580 cm
Weight 30 kg

We can customize the size and length of the mechanical conveyor belt according to the customer’s needs. The cap is screwed tightly at the same time. The bottle is tightly sealed and the bottle body is not worn. The cap and seal are completed in one step, which greatly improves the production efficiency. If you are interested in capping machine, please feel free to message us online to get a free quotation!!

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