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Workflow and principle of semi automatic strapping machine


In recent years, with the development of mechanization, the market demand for KZ-900 Semi automatic strapping machine has increased sharply, and we are using more and more semi-automatic strapping machines. The rise of semi-automatic balers does not mean that fully automatic balers and manual balers will retire from the market, especially the demand for semi-automatic balers in the market will only increase. The market demand for balers is diversifying, and we must choose the balers that suit us according to our business needs!

The price of the KZ-900 Semi automatic strapping machine mainly depends on its configuration, and of course the labor and management fees paid by the manufacturer. A manufacturer can only survive if it is profitable, and these can greatly affect the price of the baler. Semi-automatic balers are definitely easier to operate and work more efficiently. For long-term plans, it is more cost-effective for large enterprises to choose semi-automatic balers. Of course, semi-automatic balers are not suitable for all companies, and you still have to choose a baler that suits you.

Nowadays, balers are widely used in society, and those who use them will have a certain understanding of the principle and hype process of balers, but sometimes using fully automatic balers without understanding will cause certain problems. If you are troublesome, today Zhengzhou JYD Machine will introduce to you the working process and principle of the semi-automatic baler.

Workflow of KZ-900 Semi automatic strapping machine

The belt is sent to the place→receive the binding signal→release the brake, start the main motor→the right top knife rises, hold the right belt on the slide plate→the “T” guide plate retreats→the proximity switch senses the unwinding probe→the main motor stops, The brake is engaged → the motor of the baler unwinds the tape, and the tape is withdrawn for 0.35 seconds → the tape is tightened and tied to the object → the main motor is started for the second time, the brake is engaged → the large swing lever pulls the tape for the second time, and the tape is tightened → the left acrosome rises , press the lower belt→heating sheet into the middle of the two belts→the middle top knife rises and cuts off the belt→the middle top knife descends→the middle top knife rises again to make the two belts firmly bond→the middle top knife falls, and the left and right top knives drop at the same time →The heating plate resets→The sliding plate moves backward→The “T” guide plate resets → The proximity switch senses the tape feeding probe → The tape feeding motor starts to drive the tape to feed → The large pendulum lever resets → The tape is in place, and the tape head is pushed onto the “T” guide plate The proximity switch senses the dual probes → the main motor stops, the brake is applied → the baler completes a working cycle.

Principle of KZ-900 Semi automatic strapping machine

After inserting the packaging tape, the machine can automatically complete the binding process of tape gathering, heat sealing, cutting and unloading; and it has the function of automatic shutdown. KZ-900 Semi automatic strapping machine is a machine that uses packing tape to wrap products or packages, then tightens them and fuses the two ends through thermal effect or connects them with buckles and other materials. high quality. Ensure that the packages are not scattered due to loose binding during transportation and storage, and at the same time, they should be neatly tied and beautiful.

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