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What Is The Principle Of Vacuum Sealing Machine?


A vacuum sealing machine is a kind of packaging equipment widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, and other industries. It creates a vacuum environment and packages products in an oxygen-free, sterile, and moisture-free closed space, effectively protecting the quality of the product and prolonging shelf life.

vacuum sealing machine

Vacuum Sealing Machine Components

Generally speaking, it is mainly composed of several main components such as a sealing machine, vacuum pump, heater, and electronic controller. The sealing machine is the core component of the vacuum sealing machine. It melts the plastic layer of the packaging bag by heating it so that it is tightly bonded to the product. The vacuum pump is responsible for extracting the air inside the packaging bag to form a vacuum environment. The heater provides heating energy to melt the plastic layer. The electronic controller controls and regulates the entire sealing process to ensure the sealing effect and stability.

Vacuum Sealing Machine Working Principle

The vacuum sealer principle is based on the concept of vacuum. A vacuum is a space without gas molecules and therefore without oxygen and moisture, which can effectively prevent food spoilage and bacterial growth. When the food is placed into the vacuum bag, the vacuum sealer uses a vacuum pump to extract the air from the bag, creating a vacuum state inside the bag. Then, the machine will perform heat sealing to seal the mouth of the bag to ensure that the vacuum state is not destroyed.

Vacuum Sealing Machine Working Steps

1. Packaging preparation: First, place the product to be packaged in the packaging bag and place its mouth on the workbench of the sealing machine. At the same time, ensure that the opening of the packaging bag is relatively flat.

2. Vacuum extraction: When the packaging bag is on the workbench, the sealing machine automatically adjusts the position of the bag’s mouth so that it is close to the heating strip. Then, start the sealing machine and the vacuum pump begins to extract the air inside the packaging bag. This process usually lasts for several seconds until the set vacuum level is reached.

3. Sealing heating: When the vacuum pump stops pumping, the heating strip starts heating. The heating strip will release high-temperature energy to melt the plastic layer of the packaging bag. The melted plastic layer comes into contact with the product through pressure and bonds together, forming a strong seal. When the set sealing time is reached, the heating strip will automatically stop heating.

4. Sealing cooling: After completing the sealing process, the heating strip will automatically reduce the temperature, allowing the plastic at the seal to quickly cool and solidify. This step is designed to ensure the quality and stability of the seal.

Here is the vacuum sealing machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!!

Through the above working steps, the vacuum sealing machine can package the product in an oxygen-free, sterile, and moisture-free closed environment, effectively protecting the quality and shelf life of the product. An oxygen-free environment can effectively prevent easily oxidized substances such as food from reacting with oxygen, thereby extending the shelf life of products. A sterile environment can prevent bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms from invading the product and ensure its safety. A moisture-free environment prevents moisture or moisture from entering the product and affecting its quality and taste.

The vacuum sealing machine principle can be applied to various foods, including meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc. By placing food into vacuum bags, the vacuum sealer can effectively extend the shelf life of food and prevent food from deteriorating and changing flavor. In addition, the vacuum sealing machine can also prevent food from freezing and maintain the original taste and nutritional value of food.

In addition to food preservation, the principles of vacuum sealers can also be applied to other fields. In medical device and pharmaceutical packaging, vacuum sealers can ensure product quality and safety. In electronic product packaging, vacuum sealers can protect products from moisture and oxidation. Therefore, the principle of vacuum sealing machines has important application value in various fields

To sum up, the vacuum sealing machine packs the product in an oxygen-free, sterile, and moisture-free closed space by creating a vacuum environment and sealing heating, providing good protection and preservation effects. It is indispensable packaging equipment for food, medicine, cosmetics, and other industries.

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