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160 Semi-automatic Desktop Cans Sealing Capping Machine For Sale

TDFJ-160 Semi-automatic desktop cans sealing machine is suitable for sealing paper cans, tinplate cans, aluminum alloy cans, plastic cans, and other round cans. Reliable in quality and easy to operate, it is an essential and ideal equipment for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.


The can sealing machine is suitable for sealing various round mouth metal cans, PET plastic cans, paper cans and other cans. The quality is reliable, and the can lid is rolled and formed to meet the requirements of no water leakage, no burrs, and no wrinkles.Compared with the traditional pedal-operated can seamer, this electric can sealer greatly improves the seaming efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and reduces the defective products caused by human factors. etc. It is an ideal and necessary equipment for food, beverage, nourishing and health products industries.

can sealing machine

Can Sealing Machine Advantages

1. Don’t shake the cans or juice;
2. Digital display automatic counting;
3. Simple operation and adjustable height;
4. Intelligent non-rotating one-button opening;

can capping machine

Can Capping Machine Features

1. The can capping machine has the function of sealing and making the screw thread;
2. The can capping machine is suitable for alcohol, the chemical industry,  medicine, and cosmetics;
3. This can capping machine applies to all kinds of Aluminum cans, including PE plastic cans with metal or aluminum caps;
4. The TDFJ-160 Semi-automatic desktop cans sealing machine manufactures down to the cap top tightly by the energy of the motor, completing the cap lock together with the locking;

Here is the can sealer machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

TDFJ-160 Semi-Automatic Desktop Cans Sealing Machine Technical Parameter

Model TDFJ-160
Power 0.37Kw
Boundary dimension 340*600*750mm
Weight 48kg
Applicable bottle diameter 40-130mm
Applicable bottle height 40-200mm (customized)
Production capacity 20-30times / minute
Degree of automation semi-automatic
Voltage 220v


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