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Semi-automatic flow meter filling machine

The Semi-automatic flow meter filling machine adopts flowmeter-type filling. The flowmeter type filling is the computer automatically tracks the temperature and density of the oil to adjust the oil delivery at any time so that the quality of the oil can reduce the error caused by the change of temperature and density, and the measurement accuracy is higher.


Both use constant volume filling and constant quality filling two measuring methods.

Features of Semi-automatic flow meter filling machine

1. The built-in frequency converter has the double-speed filling function of fast first and slow later so that the filling speed will not be too fast and the material will overflow the container
2. Semi-automatic flow meter filling machine is made of stainless steel, with stable and reliable performance, easy to clean, and not suitable for damage.
3. PLC microcomputer control, convenient operation, the single operation can be done, saving labor
4. The filling head adopts a vacuum suction and anti-drip device, no bubbles are generated during filling, which reduces losses.
4. The filling speed and filling range can be adjusted as required to realize multiple functions in one machine.
Applicable products: coatings, inks, paints, lubricants, petrochemicals, fine chemicals and other liquids, fluids, and paste products.

Technical parameters of Semi-automatic flow meter filling machine

Number of filling heads 2
Work rate 0.75KW
Capacity range 1-40L (customized)
Applicable bottle height ≥100-450mm
Applicable bottle diameter ≥20mm
Dimensions 900*750*1800mm (size is for reference only, the actual size shall prevail)
Production capacity 200-300 barrels/hour
Weight: 270Kg
Filling accuracy ≤±0.5%

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