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Principle of LX6000 Aluminum foil sealing machine


The traditional sealing machine is composed of analog circuits, which have poor stability and many chips. The parameters of the analog circuits are mostly composed of RC circuits, which are greatly affected by temperature. As time goes by, the accuracy of components will decrease, causing the operating point to drift and causing circuit failure. Board failure. However, all working points of the digital circuit of the LX6000 Aluminum foil sealing machine are set by software. The stability and reliability of the digital circuit are very high, and it will not change with time, that is to say, its stability and Reliability are higher than that of analog circuits. So the digital circuit is the development trend of modern automatic aluminum foil sealing machines.

Application of LX6000 Aluminum foil sealing machine

LX6000 Aluminum foil sealing machine is a portable electromagnetic induction heating sealing machine, which is specially used for aluminum foil sealing of containers in pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food, cosmetic, and light industrial industries.

Sealing materials are widely used, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester, and glass bottles, but not for metal bottles and caps. This machine is small and light, easy to use, and suitable for small-batch production and laboratory work.

Principle of LX6000 Aluminum foil sealing machine

LX6000 Aluminum foil sealing machine adopts foreign advanced circuits and adopts new Japanese modular power devices, which save more electricity than ordinary electronic induction heaters. The thermal efficiency reaches more than 90%, and the instantaneous heating speed is 20-30 times that of the latter. Therefore, it is not only suitable for polyethylene and polypropylene bottles with good heat sealing performance but also has an excellent sealing effect for polyester bottles and glass bottles with poor heat sealing performance.

Features of LX6000 Aluminum foil sealing machine

1. Precise control of digital DSP+MOSFET mode, new technology to ensure stable and efficient system; realize long-term uninterrupted operation.
2. DSP digital chip, combined with advanced software design, can efficiently and real-time perform closed-loop calculations on current, voltage, frequency, etc., and control power output in real-time.
3. The LCD screen displays the working status, system parameters, and fault information in real time.
4. The water flow sensor and temperature sensor are connected to the DSP chip, and the DSP processor monitors the waterway system in real-time to provide protection for the heat dissipation of the sensor head.
5. RS232 communication interface is reserved, and the DSP chip program can be upgraded at any time
6. High-lift, the silent cooling pump provides perfect heat dissipation for the heating head.
7. Adopt automatic frequency scanning technology to automatically match sensor heads with different widths.
8. Adopt soft switching technology to reduce power loss and improve the energy efficiency ratio.

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