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Performance points of YZH-300P-4 Assembly line filling and sealing machine


The YZH-300P-4 Assembly line filling and sealing machine produced by Zhengzhou JYD Machine is packaging equipment specially designed for sealing cups, boxes, bowls, and special-shaped containers. It has the advantages of simple operation, stable performance, and easy maintenance. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or connected to a production line. The machine adopts automatic program control, beautiful in appearance, reasonable in structure, complete in function, easy to operate, meets the requirements of health law, and meets the standard and large-scale production. Stable performance, high production efficiency, and easy operation.

Overview of YZH-300P-4 Assembly line filling and sealing machine

Basic process: automatic cup drop, automatic piston filling, automatic photoelectric film calibration, automatic coding, automatic heat sealing (automatic sealing twice), automatic film cutting, automatic collection of waste film, automatic cup output.
Frame part: The frame is made of channel steel, and the outsourcing is welded with 304 stainless steel. Two-hole single-row aluminum alloy acid-resistant aluminum mold. (New models can be designed according to user needs).
Transmission system: composed of motor, reducer, cam splitter, template, etc. Intermittent transmission, pneumatic control components, intelligent digital display temperature control system. Precision cam splitter step-by-step gap operation, high-performance reducer; stable transmission, small impact, and accurate positioning.
Filling system: The storage tank is made of stainless steel 304 material, the cylinder is straight and vertically operated, the piston pump is used for quantitative filling, and non-contact filling, the filling volume can be adjusted freely, and the quantity is accurate.
Coding system: automatic ribbon coding (constant temperature control) is adjustable, and the code can be changed quickly. Easy loading and unloading.
Sealing system: It adopts constant temperature (intelligent temperature control) hot-press sealing, and the sealing pressure is adjustable.
Film cutting mechanism: cold punching

Performance points of YZH-300P-4 Assembly line filling and sealing machine

1. This machine is a fully automatic intelligent linear filling machine, which adopts microcomputer (PLC) programming control, photoelectric sensor, and electric air control. Full-color touch screen man-machine interface, the whole filling process can be completed through the touch screen on the equipment to complete the setting of the filling volume and the number of filling heads and automatically fill, and the process basically realizes one-button operation.
2. YZH-300P-4 Assembly line filling and sealing machine is made of food-grade stainless steel and meets food hygiene standards.
3. Self-flow filling principle is adopted to prevent liquid from overflowing. The anti-drip filling head ensures the cleanliness of the filling process.
4. Linear transmission, easy adjustment, suitable for filling most bottle types (especially special-shaped bottles).

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