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Continuous Vacuum Sealing Machine With Nitrogen Gas Filling LF1080

LF1080 Continuous vacuum pumping inflatable sealing machine is based on the widely absorbed essence of similar foreign products and vacuum machines .according to the latest requirement of the market to design a new model with send, vacuum, inflatable (such as nitrogen or other gases), seal, code, in one set, continuous sealing and packing machine.


LF1080 Continuous Vacuum Sealing Machine with a simple and novel structure, beautiful appearance, complete function, and high degree of automation, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

continuous vacuum sealer

Automatic Continuous Sealing Machine Features

1. Suitable for heavy-duty packages.

2. Advanced steel wheel printing technology.

3. Adjustable working speed controls to accommodate high-efficiency production lines.

4. LF1080 Continuous vacuum pumping inflatable sealing machine adjustable height of the delivery table.

Continuous vacuum sealing machine

Continuous Vacuum Sealing Machine Parameter

Model LF1080A LF1080B LF1080C
Function Air Suction & Bag Sealing Air Suction, Gas Flushing & Bag Sealing Gas Flushing & Bag Sealing
Input Power 110V 60HZ or 220V 50Hz 110V 60HZ or 220V 50Hz 110V 60HZ or 220V 50Hz
Power 1.15KW 1.15KW 1.15KW
Sealing speed 0~12 m/min 0~12 m/min 0~12 m/min
Sealing Width 6~12 mm 6~12 mm 6~12 mm
Temperature range 0~300℃ 0~300℃ 0~300℃
Max. thickness of the single-layer film ≤0.08 mm ≤0.08 mm ≤0.08 mm
Max. loading of conveyor ≤3kgs ≤3kgs ≤3kgs
Machine Size(LxWxH) 1025x450x1080mm 1025x450x1080mm 1025x450x1080mm
Weight 85Kg 85Kg 78Kg


Continuous sealing operation is possible;

It can be a vacuum machine or an inflatable sealing machine;

It can be printed with an ink wheel and has a counting function;

It has the advantages of fast heat sealing, beautiful and firm sealing;

It is safe and reliable, easy to operate, and has a high vacuum degree;

The high degree of automation can greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators;

vacuum sealed products

 Nitrogen Sealer Machine Details

Ink wheel printing
The seal is beautiful and firm, and the ink printing is clear;

Pressure gauge
The fonts on the dial are clear, and the pressure level is clear at a glance;

The height of the whole machine is adjustable
The height of the model can be raised or lowered, making it convenient and flexible;

Foot pumping design
With the air extraction switch turned on, step on the foot pedal, and the air nozzle will start to pump air;

Mobile casters
It has casters for easy movement, which reduces the labor intensity of handling machinery and saves time;

Heating block cooling block
Pure copper heating block, even heating and air-cooling cooling block, more uniform heat dissipation and shaping;

Adjustable table top
The conveyor table can be adjusted up, down, front, and back, and can be adjusted according to actual needs. to improve work efficiency;

Aluminum alloy vacuum pump
Low energy consumption, low noise, and high durability. Considerate designs are made for environmental protection and pollution of the pumped gas;

Leakage protector
If a leakage is detected, the power will be cut off immediately, providing an extra layer of protection to make your use of the machine safer and more secure;

 Here is the continuous vacuum sealing machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

In the food industry and other packaging areas, continuous vacuum sealing machines are increasingly used. It can not only help companies improve the packaging quality and freshness of products but also improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Therefore, choosing a continuous vacuum sealing machine with a nitrogen-filling function will help companies stand out in the market competition and win the favor of more consumers.

Overall, the nitrogen-filling function of the continuous vacuum sealer provides a more reliable and efficient solution for packaging food and other products. With the continuous advancement of technology and the growth of market demand, it is believed that continuous vacuum sealing machines will be more widely used and developed in the future.

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