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How To Use A Heat Shrink Wrap Machine


The industrial heat shrink wrap machine is a commonly used packaging equipment, which is widely used in foods, beverages, daily necessities, and other industries. By using the contraction performance of thermal contraction, the product is closely packaged to improve the freshness and aesthetics of the product. The following is the way to use the shrink wrap machine:

heat shrink wrap machine

Preparation: First, confirm whether the power supply of the heat shrink wrap machine is normal and check whether the components of the machine are intact. Then, according to the size and shape of the product, choose the appropriate thermal contraction membrane and membrane.

Adjust the machine parameter: According to the characteristics of the product, temperature, speed, and pressure of the heat shrink wrap machine are reasonably adjusted according to the characteristics of the product. Generally speaking, the temperature should be adjusted according to the requirements of the thermal-reducing membrane, and the speed and pressure should be appropriately adjusted according to the size and packaging requirements of the product.

Put the product into the thermal contraction film: Place the product on the thermal shrink film and ensure that the location and placement of the product are correct. Then pull the thermal shrinking membrane out of the membrane and wrap the product in the membrane.

Here is the heat shrink wrap machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Perform heat shrink wrap: Send the packaged products into the contraction room of the heat shrink wrap machine. Start the machine to heat the thermal shrinking membrane and shrink and wrap the products tightly. In the process of contraction, ensure that the surface of the product is smooth without fold or loose.

Check the packaging effect: After the contraction is completed, remove the product from the heat shrink wrap machine to check whether the packaging effect meets the requirements. The packaging should close fits the product without obvious loosening or cracks.

Cleaning and maintenance: After using the automatic shrink wrap machine, clean the machine in time to ensure its normal operation. Regularly check and maintain various components of the machine, such as heating components and transmission systems to extend the service life of the machine.

In short, the use of commercial shrink-wrap machines is relatively simple, but it still needs to pay attention to operating standards and safety. Only by using the heat shrink wrap machine correctly can the packaging quality and efficiency of the product be improved.

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