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Double Head Pneumatic Paste Filling Machine G2WG-V

G2WG-V Double head pneumatic paste filling machine uses compressed air as the power to make the operation more convenient,which is specially designed for hospitals, laboratories, beauty salons, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. It is very suitable for filling small-meter liquids and pastes.


Double head pneumatic paste filling machine can be used for canning paste liquid at the same time and has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for precise quantitative packaging in industries such as food, daily chemicals, pesticides, medicine, and beverage sauces. We can also support customers with customized filling capacity according to their requests.

double head piston filling machine

Double-Head Paste Filling Machine Working Principle


The horizontal paste double-head filling machine is a filling machine for high-viscosity flow. It extracts and pumps high-viscosity materials through the three-way principle of a cylinder driving a piston and a rotary valve, and uses a magnetic ring switch to control the stroke of the cylinder to adjust the filling volume.

double head piston filling machine

Pneumatic Paste Filling Machine Technical Parameters


Model G2WG-V
Working Method Pneumatic (work with air compressor)
Filling Category Paste and Liquid
Number of Filling Heads One/Double/Multiple
Working Speed 15-35 Cans/min
Filling Range 10-100ml,30-300ml,50-500ml,100-1000ml,250-2500ml,350-3500ml,500-5000ml
Filling Nozzle Diameter ≥4mm
Filling Accuracy ≤±1%
Hopper Volume 30L
Working Pressure 0.4-0.9MPa
Anti-drip function Yes
Can be with Heater Mixer Yes
Power Supply 220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ


Pneumatic Paste Filling Machine Feature


Cylinder homing
Cylinder homing knob, easy to operate, stable durable;

Stainless steel outlet
Thickened stainless steel, made of stainless steel stable and durable accurate filling long life;

Filling scale
Accurate, efficient, safe design, accurate scale design, convenient and fast quantitative filling;

Large capacity hopper
Durable work, large-capacity stainless steel hopper can work continuously and is not easy to rust;

Independent Rotary Valve Cylinder
High precision and small size, which fully guarantees the closure of the rotary valve and is not easy to leak;

Filling speed
The adjustment knob, combined with the principle of mechanics, is durable and stable, and has excellent performance;

Small details make a big difference
The compact body is easy to operate, the operation is convenient and practical, and the work efficiency is fast and stable;

filled products

Here is the pneumatic paste filling machine youtube video testing in our factory for your reference!!


Paste Filling Machine Using Instructions


1. Switch between two filling methods
This machine has two filling methods, pedal and automatic, which can be switched at will;

2. Versatility, suitable for all kinds of costumes
This paste-filling machine is ideal for filling food, daily chemical, pesticide, and special industries;

3. Influencing factors of filling speed
The viscosity of the material, the stroke of the cylinder, the size of the filling, the proficiency of the operator;

4. Cleaning requirements
The rotary valve is made of wear-resistant, acid-resistant, and high-temperature-resistant PTFE material, and it cannot be knocked and collided at will when it is clear;

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