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Fully-Automatic Disinfectant Liquid Liner Bottle Filling Machine

The automatic disinfectant filling machine is an efficient and accurate filling equipment, it is specially used for filling disinfectant into various bottles.


The automatic disinfectant liquid line bottle filling machine is an efficient and accurate filling equipment, which is specially used for filling disinfectant liquid into various bottles. This machine adopts advanced technology and innovative design, which can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and reduce the need for manual operation.

liquid filling machine

The emergence of automatic disinfectant line bottle filling machine not only improves production efficiency and product quality, but also reduces the risk and cost of manual operation. It has broad application prospects in the fields of medical treatment, hygiene, and food industry.

Automatic Disinfectant Filling Machine Advantages

First of all, it has a fully automatic operation, which can automatically complete the feeding, filling, sealing and discharging of disinfectant bottles. This greatly improves production efficiency and reduces the need for human resources.

Secondly, the machine uses an advanced metering system to ensure that the amount of sanitizer in each bottle is accurate. This is very important to ensure product quality and meet market demand.

In addition, this liquid filling machine also has an automatic detection function, which can detect and solve any potential problems in time to ensure the stable operation of the disinfectant liquid production line.

Finally, the automatic disinfectant filling machine also has a humanized design. It adopts touch screen control system, easy to operate, easy to learn and use.

Here is the disinfectant filling machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Fully-Automatic Disinfectant Filling Machine Features

1. Color touch display, all operations, operation instructions, and other functions are completed on the touch screen.

2. Advanced intelligent operating system. Supported by PLC software, the volume adjustment only needs to set the target volume on the touch screen, and the equipment can automatically increase or decrease to reach the target volume.

3. Stable filling and rehydration function. Adopting the principle of functional separation, no fluid replenishment during the filling process, regardless of the filling process, thereby overcoming the instability of floating filling while refilling.

4. Full-automatic self-flow filling machine-wide application range and easy adjustment. It is suitable for the filling of most bottle types (especially special-shaped bottles).

It overcomes the trouble of replacing the dial when changing the bottle type of the rotary filling machine. For irregular bottle types that cannot be filled by the rotary filling machine, this machine has a greater advantage.

liquid filling machine

Fully-Automatic Liner Filling Machine Parameter

Filling Range Customized
Filling Speed 150 Bottles/Hour/nozzle(as per 2L)
Filling Nozzles 4,6,8,10,12
Power 50HZ/60HZ 380V //0.55KW
Air Pressure 0.6~0.7Mpa
Dimension(mm) 1600*950*2250mm
Net Weight 500KG

Liquid Liner Filling Machine Details

1. Intelligent control screen
The touchable man-machine interface can be used to set the filling volume and filling speed in the system;

2. Filling mechanism
The filling head can be lifted up and down, suitable for filling various bottle types and different materials with high filling accuracy;

3. Filling method
Submerged filling is adopted to prevent liquid from overflowing. The induction probe can effectively detect the activity of the bottle;

4. Pneumatic mechanism
The main power of the machine is the air source, and most of the actions are completed by air, which ensures the safety of the machine and consumes less power;

liquid filling machine

The automatic disinfectant liner bottle filling machine is an efficient and accurate filling equipment with multiple functions and features that can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and reduce the need for manual operations. Its appearance will further promote the development of modern production lines and play an important role in various industries.

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