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Continuous Vertical Plastic Aluminum Foil Bag Sealing Machine FR770

FR770L Plastic aluminum foil bag sealing machine suitable for sealing adopts electronic constant temperature control and speed transmission mechanism, automatic and continuous sealing materials of plastic film.


An aluminum foil bag sealing machine is a device used to seal aluminum foil pouches, usually used in industries such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and cosmetic packaging. It can effectively seal aluminum foil bags to prevent products from moisture and contamination and extend the shelf life of goods. We can also configure a creasing printed wheel and counting device according to the customer’s specific need.

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FR770L Plastic Bag Sealing Machine Configuration

1. Heating is required before use;

2. Adopt speed regulation and electronic constant temperature control device transmission mechanism;

3. Its sealing length is unlimited, high efficiency, reliable sealing quality, reasonable structure, easy to operate, etc.;

4. FR770L plastic aluminum foil bag sealing machine is suitable for sealing and packaging various bags and can be connected to various packaging lines;

Aluminium Foil Bag Sealing Machine Advantages

Solid seal;

Thermostatic control;

Widen the countertop;

Automatic transport devices;

The seal is firm and beautiful;

The pressing wheel is replaceable;

Green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly;

bag sealing machine

FR770L Plastic aluminum foil bag sealing machine Parameter

Model FR770L
Voltage 110v/220v 50HZ/60HZ
Power 850w
Sealing speed 0-12m/min
Sealing width 6-12mm
Temp control 0-300°C
Weight 25kg
Size 810x370x320mm
Delivery time within 5 days

Aluminum Foil Bag Sealing Machine Features

Easy operation: User-friendly design and simple operation interface reduce the operating threshold and improve production efficiency.

Efficient and fast: The fast sealing speed enables the equipment to meet the needs of mass production and improves production efficiency.

Adjustable sealing temperature: The equipment has an adjustable sealing temperature function, which is suitable for different types of bags and sealing materials to ensure a firm seal.

Multifunctional sealing: The FR770 plastic aluminum foil bag sealing machine is suitable for various types and sizes of plastic bags and aluminum foil bags, providing stable and reliable sealing effects.

Bag Sealing Machine Details

Emergency stop switch
The machine stops immediately when the switch is pressed, so you can operate with confidence and stop losses in time;

Reinforced conveyor wheel
Use the automatic conveying device to strengthen and thicken the active conveying wheel and passive conveying wheel;

Adjustable conveyor table
The conveyor table can be adjusted up and down, front and back, and can be adjusted according to actual needs to improve work efficiency;

Plastic aluminum foil bag sealing machine details

Aluminum Bag Sealer Benefits

Cost savings: The fast and efficient sealing process reduces production costs, improves production efficiency, and brings economic benefits to the enterprise.

Multi-purpose application: Suitable for bags made of different materials, such as plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, etc., providing sealing solutions for different industries.

Fresh-keeping sealing: The FR770 sealing machine can ensure that the bag is firmly sealed, effectively preventing the entry of air and moisture, and extending the freshness time of food and products.

How to Operate The Bag Sealer?

1. Press the “ON” button, the power indicator light and “COOLER” (cooling indicator light) will light up, and the warning light will flash.

2. Press the “Start” button, the warning light will go out, the “START” indicator light will light up, and the power will be set as scheduled.

3. Turn on the power of the conveyor belt, run the conveyor belt, and adjust the speed knob to the appropriate position.

4. Push in the container to be sealed and start normal operation.

5. If overcurrent occurs during operation, the “FAULT” (overcurrent indicator) light on the control panel lights up, and the warning light flashes. At this time, press the “RESET” button. After the overcurrent light goes out, press the “FAULT” button again. START” button.

6. When the work is finished, press the “STOP” button and the machine will return to state 1.

7. Press the “OFF” button to turn off the machine and exit the standby state.

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The continuous vertical plastic foil bag sealing machine is an efficient, stable, and multi-functional machine suitable for a variety of industries. Its advanced technology and design make it an ideal choice for many companies to improve production efficiency and product quality. If you are also extremely interested in this, please feel free to leave a message with us online to get a free quote!

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