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Automatic Continuous Bag Sealing Machine Vertical Type FR-900L

FR-900L Plastic film bags sealing machine of automatic plastic film sealing machines adopts electronic constant temperature control and automatic conveying device, can control different shapes of plastic film bags, can be used in all kinds of packaging lines, and the seal length is not limited.


The automatic continuous bag sealing machine vertical type can effectively seal various types of bags, including plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, composite bags, etc. The automatic continuous bag sealing machine is an efficient and reliable packaging equipment that can improve production efficiency and ensure product quality and hygienic safety. Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, aquatic products, chemical industry, electronics, and other industries.

automatic bag sealing machine

Note: This sealing machine comes standard with an embossing wheel. If you need smooth wheels and striped wheels, you need to purchase them separately.

Bag Sealing Machine Application Scope:

This equipment is suitable for sealing aluminum foil bags, plastic bags, and composite bags in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food, daily chemicals, lubricants,s and other industries.
It has firm sealing and high efficiency.

sealing effects

Automatic Bag Sealing Machine Features

Simple structure, compact and small size;
Beautiful appearance, advanced technology, low power consumption;
It has the advantages of convenient operation and maintenance, making it an ideal sealing machine.
This machine can also be used in horizontal, vertical, or floor-standing types. The horizontal type is used for packaging and sealing dry items; the vertical type is suitable for packaging and sealing liquid items.

FR-900L Continous Bag Sealing Machine Parameter

Model FR900L
Power 220V/50Hz 500W
Weight 23kgs
Seal products Thickness 0.2-0.80 mm
Seal width 0.24 in-0.48 in
Sealing length 0 – infinity
Dimension(L*W*H) 89*45*38cm

Automatic Continuous Bag Sealing Machine Advantages

Different sealing effects;
Sealing efficiency is higher;
Electronic thermostatic control;
Can be printed with different dates;
Can be sealed in both solid and liquid states;

Here is the automatic bag sealing machine YouTube video testing process in our factory for your reference!!

Operation Panel

①Power switch: controls the start and stop of the entire machine.
②Heating switch: controls the opening and stopping of the heating tube in the heating block.
③Fan switch: Controls the opening and stopping of the cooling fan.
④Speed control knob: controls the speed of the conveyor table motor.
⑤Temperature controller: an instrument that adjusts and controls the temperature of the heating block.

sealing machine control panel

The printing wheel to change the date operation method

A: Use an across screwdriver to unscrew the screw head
B: Unscrew the top screw, the screw does not need to take off, you can unscrew
C: Lift the wheel by hand, slowly remove the wheel
D: Remove the embossing wheel
E: Wheel and wrench
F: FR-900L Plastic film bags sealing machine with the wheel, wrench unscrew the lid
G: Unscrew the lid, take out the words, and Change the words you need.

Vertical Continuous Pouch Sealing Machine Details

Wear-resistant feed port
Forged from high-quality materials, it is stable and more wear-resistant;

Stainless steel storage table
Stainless steel storage table, durable metal texture, beautiful and sturdy;

Conveyor assembly
Detailed display of the conveying assembly using automatic conveying devices;

Pressure adjustment of printing wheel
The printing wheel pressure knob can be adjusted according to the actual printing pressure;

Armrests on both sides
There are handrails on both sides of the machine to make transporting the machine more convenient;

Embossing wheel
Equipped with an embossing wheel and printing wheel, the sealing is beautiful and firm, and the printing is clear;

Adjustable table top
The conveyor table can be adjusted up, down, front, and back, and can be adjusted according to actual needs. to improve work efficiency;

Leakage protector
If a leakage is detected, the power will be cut off immediately. Multiple protections will make your use of the machine safer and more secure;

High-end conveyor belt
The equipment adopts well-known conveyor belts from Sino-foreign joint ventures, which are of high quality and wear-resistant. Better quality than conveyor belts on the market;

Simple operation panel
The panel is simple and easy to operate, and the sealing temperature is visible. The emergency stop switch is designed to stop the machine immediately when encountering special circumstances;

Heating block cooling block
Pure copper heating block, even heating and air-cooled cooling block, more uniform heat dissipation and shaping. It used to be spring-fixed, but now it has been upgraded to a round fixed block with a flatter and firmer seal;


In general, the vertical automatic continuous bag sealing machine is an efficient and reliable packaging equipment with advanced sealing technology, high degree of automation and good applicability and flexibility. It can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality and hygienic safety, and is an ideal packaging equipment for food, medicine, chemical and other industries. With the continuous development and innovation of packaging technology, vertical automatic continuous bag sealing machines will play an increasingly important role in the future, providing more efficient and reliable solutions for packaging production in various industries.

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