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Manual L Type Sealer Heat Shrink Packing Machine

FQL-380 Shrink machine can be widely used in single, collective or combined packaging of food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, wood products, stationery, printing products, plastic products, glass products, electronic components and other products.


The manual L-shaped sealer heat shrink packing machine is generally used as ancillary equipment for heat shrink packaging machines, and can also be used alone; the L-shaped sealing and cutting knife enables the shrink film packaging to be sealed and cut in one step, and the Teflon non-stick layer sealing cloth ensures that the sealing and cutting film does not stick to the film, and the sealing is neat without cracking, after the product is sealed and cut, it enters the heat shrink machine to complete the packaging. This heat shrink packing machine can continue working and is suitable for PP PVC POF film sealing cutting packaging.

heat shrink packing machine

Heat Shrink Packing Machine Advantages

1. High-quality paint plating body, durable and beautiful.
2. The FQL-380 Shrink machine uses a control panel easier to operate
3. High-temperature heat release heating wire, has high resistivity and good surface oxidation resistance

FQL-380 Manual L Type Sealer Parameter

Model FQL-380
Voltage 220V/50-60HZ
Power 1KW
Packing speed 10-25pcs/min
Max. sealing size 520*360mm
Machine Size(mm) 950L*550W*370H
Weight 27KG
Sealing cutting time 0-3S

Here is the manual L-type heat shrink packing machine YouTube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Manual Heat Shrink Packing Machine Details

Control Panel
Convenient control, simple and safe;

Safety plug
Safe and anti-shock, high-power plug;

High-quality body
Adopting high-quality body and long service life;

Shrink mold base
Made of stainless steel, reinforced smooth and easy-to-place membrane;

Manual Type Heat Shrink Packaging Machine Details

L Type Heat Shrink Packing Machine Features

NO.1 The operation panel is simple and convenient

NO.2 adopts pulse fusion sealing and cutting method

NO.3 Strong sealing and cutting; suitable for a variety of shrink films

heat shrink packaging machine in our factory

Heat Shrink Packing Machine Precautions And Maintenance:

1. This machine is used in conjunction with a heat shrink machine.

2. When cleaning and inspecting the machine, unplug the power plug first! The power fuse of the L-shaped sealing and cutting machine is 10A.


The manual L-shaped sealing heat shrink packaging machine is an efficient, convenient, and economical packaging equipment. It uses heat shrink technology to provide products with protection and beautiful packaging. Whether you are a large business or a sole proprietor, you can benefit from this kind of machine.

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