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FM-5540 Automatic 2 In 1 Heat Shrink Wrap Packing Machine

FM-5540 Two-in-one automatic sealing cutting and shrinking machine can be widely used in single, collective, or combined packaging of food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, wood products, stationery, printing products, plastic products, glass products, electronic components, and other products.


FM-5540 2 in 1 heat shrinking machine uses POF, PP, and PVC middle-fold shrink film tubes as materials, and integrates sealing, cutting, and shrinking into one machine. It greatly improves the working efficiency of heat-shrinkable packaging, saves power loss, and can adjust the height of the shrinking indoor work-frame. It is widely used in the outer packaging of beverages, gifts, hardware, cosmetics, toys, and plastics.

2 in 1 shrink packing machine

FM-5540 2 In-1 Shrink Packing Machine Parameter

Model FM-5540
Voltage 220V/50-60HZ
Power 4KW
Max.packing size(mm) 540L*390W*290H
Temp. Range 0-300℃
Packing speed 500-800pcs/h
Max. sealing size 550*400mm
Machine Size(mm) 1400L*730W*1450H
Weight 128KG
Sealing cutting time 0-3S
Shrinking time 0-30S

heat shrink packing machine structure

Temperature Time Checklist

Material PVC PP POF
Thickness(mm) 0.02-0.06 0.02-0.04 0.03-0.1
Heating time(s) 5-10 6-12 8-16
Shrink temperature(℃) 110-130 130-170 130-170

Heat Shrink Packing Machine Advantages

Advanced conjoined cutter;

A high degree of automation;

Sealing, cutting, and shrinking are completed at one time;

Energy saving, environmental protection, and power saving;

Here is the 2-in-1 shrink packing machine youtube video packing for boxes in our factory for your reference!!

FM-5540 2 In-1 Shrink Packing Machine Features

1. PPS temperature-resistant material chuck can withstand long-term tests.

2. Sliding type film holder, it can put all kinds of shrink film, and adjust it arbitrarily.

3. Continuous operation for a long time will not cause an overheated environment.

4. Transparent glass cover can clearly see the whole process of sealing and contraction.

Transparent glass cover

5. 5. The big wind leaves make the shrinking furnace form a good wind circulation, the heating is even and the film shrinking effect is excellent;

big wind leaves

6. FM-5540 Two-in-one automatic sealing cutting and shrinking machine can adjust the height arbitrarily according to the size of the package;

7. Selected needle wheel pressure wheel, by evenly pricking and venting holes on the film, to avoid the shrinkage film from breaking when it expands;

needle wheel pressure wheel

8. The seal is made of glass fiber knife grooves, an anti-sticking, temperature-resistant nickel-chromium alloy sealing cutter, sealed and neat, with no cracking and no coking.

9. FM5540 is equipped with stainless steel transmission network, and the height can be adjusted at will. after the product is packed, the output is automatically output, and the production efficiency is doubled.

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