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Desktop Plastic PET Round Bottle Capping Machine Electric

DDX-450 Electric bottle capping machine is a sealing packaging equipment developed in order to meet the market demand and development.


Plastic bottle capping machine is modeling beautiful, simple adjustment, stable sealing quality, low cost, convenient use, low voltage control, safe and reliable. The pet bottle capping machine is more suitable for laboratory and is the ideal equipment for small-batch, experimental sealing work.

pet bottle capping machine

DDX-450 Plastic Bottle Capping Machine Application

DDX-450 plastic bottle capping machine is mainly suitable for all kinds of round bottles, which is an ideal packaging equipment for medicine, health care products, chemicals, cosmetics, and other small round bottles.

bottle cap types

Bottle Capping Machine Parts Detail Show

Height Adjustment Knob
Adjust the knob according to the height of the bottle to control the height of the machine-color screw cap;

bottle capping machine

Simple Control Panel
Simple and clear control panel design, easy to use, simple operation, humanized design;

pet bottle capping machine

Dual motor
This machine is equipped with 2 motors. One controls the lifting and the other controls the screw cap, with strong tightening force;

plastic bottle capping machine

Premium Capping Head
Equipped with constant torque capping head, pressure and easy adjustment;

bottle capping machine

Y-shaped bracket positioning
Safety positioning device to prevent the bottle from turning over, making the operation safer;

bottle capping machine

PET Bottle Capping Machine Technical Parameter

Model DDX-450
Power supply AC220V 50/60HZ
Power 50 w
Way of working Manual, Electric
Material Iron, Aluminum
Screw cap diameter 10-50mm,50-80mm
Production capacity 20-40pcs/min
Applicable bottle height 40-200 mm
Machine dimension 520*300*530 mm
Machine weight 32 kg

Here is the water bottle capping machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!


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