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High Precision Small Perfume Liquid Filling Machine With Peristaltic Pump

The CSY-M90 Peristaltic pump small quantitative liquid filling machine adopts a peristaltic pump, which makes the filling material pollution-free and more convenient to operate. Using the visual panel, quantitative filling, suitable for filling cosmetics, emulsion, liquid, oil, etc. small capacity precision filling.


A small perfume liquid filling machine is a high-precision equipment for filling perfume and other liquid products. It uses advanced peristaltic pump technology to ensure the accuracy and stability of each irrigation. This filling machine plays a vital role in the perfume production and packaging industry because it can meet customers’ requirements for product accuracy and quality.

perfume filling machine

The peristaltic pump is a technology that transports liquid by compressed hose. It uses non-contact-type filling methods to avoid the risk of pollution and cross-infection. This technology can ensure that perfume is not contained in external pollution during the filling process, thereby ensuring the quality and purity of the perfume. In addition, the peristaltic pump can also accurately control the flow and pressure of liquid and other liquids to ensure the accuracy of each perfume irrigation.

Suitable for small bottles of various oral liquids, potions, sprays, perfumes, essential oils, solution reagents, and product trial bottles within 50ml.

liquid filling machine application bottles

CSY-M90 Small Liquid Filling Machine Features

Easy operation: User-friendly operation interface and simplified control system reduce training costs and improve operation efficiency;


Durable and reliable: Made of high-quality materials, it has good corrosion resistance and durability, ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment;


Multifunctional design: The small liquid filling machine configuration is flexible and the filling capacity and speed can be adjusted according to different needs. It is suitable for small-batch to large-batch production;


High-precision filling: CSY-M90 adopts peristaltic pump technology, which has excellent filling accuracy and stability. It is suitable for the precise filling of various liquids and ensures the accuracy of each filling amount;

liquid filling machine structure

Perfume Liquid Filling Machine Parameter

Model CSY-M90
Recommended filling 0.5-10g
Maximum weighing 500 g
Division value 0.1 g
Pump type Peristaltic pump
Maximum flow rate 90ml/min
Filling error ≤0.1g
Stand height 0~20cm
Water pipe material silicone tube
Water pipe specification 3*5 mm
Water pipe length 1+0.33m
Host size 18*18*12 cm
Packing size 35*23*19cm
Package weight 2kg
Rated power 10W
Here is the perfume liquid filling machine YouTube video working process for your reference!!

Peristaltic Liquid Filling Machine Advantages

Efficiency and savings: The fast and accurate filling process improves production efficiency, reduces liquid waste, and saves production costs;


Accuracy guarantee: Peristaltic pump technology ensures that every filling is accurate and reliable, reducing liquid filling errors and improving product quality and brand image;


Flexible adaptability: The adjustable functional design makes the equipment suitable for different specifications and types of liquid filling, providing manufacturers with greater flexibility and choice;

perfume liquid filling machine parts

In general, a small perfume liquid filling machine is a very practical production equipment that can improve production efficiency, reduce costs, ensure product quality, and improve brand image. one. If you are also interested in this small perfume-filling machine, welcome to leave a message with us to obtain the free offer of a perfume filling machine at any time !!

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