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Automatic Linear Single Head Capping Machine CDNG-1

CDNG-1 Automatic capping machine can be conveniently erected on various conveyor belts or various work surfaces. It is an ideal packaging model for supporting assembly lines or stand-alone production.


Automatic single head capping machine is suitable for screw caps and glands of various products with anti-counterfeiting rings, without anti-counterfeiting rings, and high-speed production requirements. Equipped with an independent electrical control cabinet, the screw cover is positioned by grabbing the cover. During the capping process, there is no damage to the bottle and no damage to the cap, and the capping efficiency is high. Smooth operation, low noise, wide application range and high capping rate.

single head capping machine

Single Head Capping Machine Advantges

01. High capping efficiency;
02. Industrial brand electrical;
03. Easy mechanical operation;
04. Automatic positioning screw cap;
05. Not easy to damage the bottle cap;

linear capping machine

Single Head Linear Capping Machine Features

Linear capping machine, no need to replace accessories, can be used for cap sorting of various caps by adjusting the width of the track;

The new single-head capping machine adopts positioning servo capping controlled by servo motor without damaging the cap, fast speed, stable equipment and high capping efficiency;

Portable capping head design, only need to replace the capping head to meet the production of new bottles. Belt-type bottle cap, stable cap feeding, can add crooked caps and no aluminum foil rejecting device;

This linear capping machine uses a servo motor to control the movement of the hijab up and down. During the capping process, the bottle body is accurate
Positioning, PLC controls the operation of the whole machine, does not damage the bottle cap, improves production speed and stability;

Here is the single head capping machine youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

CDNG-1 Automatic Capping Machine Technical Parameters

Model CDNG-1
Voltage 380V
Cap diameter 10-50mm
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Production capacity 12-32 bottles/min
Dimension L1100*W650*H1800mm


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