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CDCG-4 Automatic Capping Machine With Cap Feeder

CDCG-4 Fully automatic capping machine is suitable for food, agriculture, cosmetics, medicine and pesticide industries. This machine is mainly suitable for rubbing caps of different materials and different specifications. Suitable for plastic caps, handle caps, screw caps, etc.


CDCG-4 automatic capping machine has a constant torque capping head and a cap feeder, which can automatically feed the cap while capping, the capping speed is easy to adjust, the degree of automation is high, the capping does not damage the cap, and it is wear-resistant and durable. Beautiful appearance, dexterity, fast capping speed, high pass rate, suitable for different bottle caps in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pesticide, cosmetics and other industries (widely applicable to iron caps and plastic caps).

automatic capping machine

Automatic Capping Machine Advantages

304 stainless steel body;

Brand motor with long service life;

High efficiency and stable operation;

No damage to the cover and no sliding cover;

Here is the automatic capping machine with cap feeder youtube video working process in our factory for your reference!!

Automatic Capping Machine With Cap Feeder Features

Widely applicable
Widely used in the filling of various semi-fluids, paste liquids, sauces, etc.;

Stable performance
Using well-known electrical and pneumatic components, the failure rate is low, the performance is stable and reliable, and the service life is long;

Advanced design
Easy to disassemble, easy to clean, no need to replace parts, the filling nozzle is equipped with a leak-proof device to ensure that the filling is anti-drawing and no dripping;

automatic capping machien glass

CDCG-4 Automatic Capping Machine Technical Parameters

Model CDCG-4
Voltage: 220v/50HZ
Power: 0.75kw
Cap diameter: 10-50mm
Production capacity: 15-30 bottles/min
Sealing width: customized
Dimension 1100*700*1800mm


Generally, customers will request to configure the cap feeder to be used together with the automatic capping machine to meet the requirements of industrial automation. If you are also interested in this automatic capping machine, or if you have other customized needs, please feel free to leave a message with us online for more information! !

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