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Semi Automatic Pail Filling Capping Machine For 18L Lubricating Oil

The CD-QZD Semi-automatic 18L weighting+capping is composed of a feeding system, a weighing system, a frame, a pneumatic control, a control system, and an unpowered raceway.
Feeding method: continuous and stable feeding is required (using a feed pump or hopper for pressurized feeding).


The semi-automatic filling capping machine is suitable for filling 18L lubricant open barrels. The entire filling and capping process can be completed by only one person. The lubricating oil filling and capping machine combines the functions of weighing and capping, which can effectively improve production efficiency and product quality. It is a key equipment used in lubricating oil production lines. This type of filling machine greatly reduces production labor costs for customers and is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized lubricating oil and other liquid filling companies. It is suitable for rapid filling of small, medium, and large barrels of paint, edible oil, lubricating oil, antifreeze, fertilization, coating, syrup, etc.

Lubricating Oil pail filling capping machine

Semi-Automatic Pail Filling Machine Working Process

During filling, the empty barrel is placed manually and the start button is activated. After filling is completed, the lid is placed the barrel is pushed to the capping position, and the foot switch is touched to the cap. After the capping is completed, it is gently pushed to the finished product conveyor to complete the entire operation process. Only one person can complete the entire production process.

Semi-Automatic Filling Sealing Machine Production Process

Manual barrel placing→automatic filling→manual conveying of full barrels→manual placing of lids→automatic exhausting→automatic capping→forklift transportation

The semi-automatic barrel filling and sealing machine’s working principle is to control the filling volume of lubricating oil through sensors to ensure that each barrel can reach the predetermined capacity. At the same time, it also has an automatic sealing function, which can ensure that each barrel can be completely sealed to prevent lubricating oil leakage. In addition, the equipment can be customized according to customer needs to meet the filling and sealing of lubricants of different specifications.

Here is the semi-automatic barrel filling machine YouTube video testing in our factory for your reference!!

Semi-automatic Barrel Filling Sealing Machine Advantages

1 The system adopts weighing type filling with high measuring accuracy and is not affected by materials.

2 The measurement range is large, and the measurement error is plus or minus 10 grams per barrel. (Calculated by 18L)

3 The filling head adopts a vacuum suction and anti-drip device, and the filling material has no bubbles, and the effect is good.

4 The end adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which is composed of fast and slow feeding valves, which can increase the filling speed and increase the filling accuracy.

5 CD-QZD Semi-automatic 18L weighting+capping using world-renowned brands of electrical and pneumatic components, the failure rate is low, the performance is stable and reliable, and the service life is long.

Semi-automatic 18L Lubricating Oil Filling Machine Parameter

Model CD-QZD
Power 2.2KW
Filling volume 10-30KG
Number of filling heads 2 heads
Production capacity 80-120 barrels/hour (calculated as 20 liters)
Weight 180KG
Filling accuracy ≤0.5%
Dimensions 900*700*1600 (length * width * height)

Semi-Automatic Lubricant Filling Capping Machine Features

a. This machine adopts high-precision electronic weighing technology, and its high accuracy is not affected by pressure, temperature, bubbles, and other factors.

b. Adopt two-speed filling, with a fast-first-then-slow filling method, which effectively solves the conflict between filling speed and filling accuracy, avoids splashing or overflowing of foam-filled materials, and the high and low speeds can be adjusted freely.

c. The filling head is equipped with a bulkhead device, which effectively prevents dripping and wire drawing during the material filling process. To achieve no leakage and ensure the clean appearance of the packaging and the image of the product.

d. Microcomputer control is adopted to make the equipment more reliable, and intelligent software programs ensure stable system performance and safety of the production process. It makes the operation more convenient and simple. Various settings can be completed manually and the filling amount can be displayed digitally.

e. This machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. The parts in contact with materials are made of 316L stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance. The cabinets are made of 304L stainless steel.

f. The electric capacity adjustment system has a real-time data tracking function so that the change of varieties can be realized by setting the microcomputer, which is accurate, convenient, and fast.

g. The filling method is submersible filling. After filling, the filling valve automatically closes and the filling head automatically lifts, effectively reducing the generation of foam and satisfying the filling of materials with different characteristics.

h. The gland system adopts a unique exhaust gland device, which solves the “expanding barrel” and “skin hammer” problems that have long troubled customers.

i. According to customer needs, manual barrel placement, automatic filling, manual cap placement, automatic capping, and manual pushing can be used.

semi automatic pail filling capping machine details

Overall, the semi-automatic barrel filling and sealing machine is a very practical piece of equipment, especially suitable for lubricant manufacturers. Its efficiency and reliability make it an ideal choice for manufacturers to improve production efficiency and product quality. With the continuous development of industrialization, semi-automatic barrel filling and sealing machines will play an increasingly important role in the field of lubricant production.

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