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Automatic PE Film Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine

BS-PE4535 PE film heat shrink machine can be widely used in single, collective, or combined packaging of food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, wood products, stationery, printing products, plastic products, glass products, electronic components, and other products.


The BS-PE4535 PE film heat shrink wrapping machine heats the PE film to shrink it and wrap it tightly on the product or item. The stainless steel heater and high-power air supply motor are used to make the shrinking furnace heat up quickly, with large air volume and uniform air. The conveyor belt speed and furnace chamber temperature can be adjusted according to the product size and output to achieve the best-shrinking effect.

pe film shrink wrapping machine

BS-PE4535 PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine Features

1. The numerical precision, good overhand effect;

2. The material of the machine is firm and durable;

3. High-quality motor, precise temperature control;

4. BS-PE4535 PE film heat shrink machine simple and beautiful operating;


PE Film Heat Shrink Machine Benefits

First of all, it can complete the packaging work quickly and efficiently, which greatly improves production efficiency;

Secondly, since the shrunk film is tightly bonded, it can effectively prevent the intrusion of dust, moisture, and other foreign substances into the article;

In addition, polyethylene film also has good transparency, which makes the appearance of the packaged items clearly visible and increases the attractiveness of the product;

pe film heat shrink machine

BS-PE4535 PE Film Heat Shrink Machine Parameter

Model BS-PE4535(BS-PE5040;BS-PE6040)
Voltage 220V/50-60HZ
Power 20KW
Tunnel size(mm) 1200L*450W*350H
Temp. Range 0-300℃
Max.Load 15KG
Speed 0-10m/min
Machine Size(mm) 2200L*700W*1520H
Weight 230KG
Conveyor Style Net style/ Chain style /Teflon mesh

PE Film Heat Shrink Machine Details

The electronic governor adjusts the transmission speed of the conveyor belt arbitrarily;

Powerful dual fans
This machine adopts two high-power fan motors, which start stably and have strong power so that the wind can form a power source in the drying tunnel better;

The conveyor chain has a heavy load, and the roller is not easy to deform
The conveyor chain adopts solid rollers, wrapped with high-temperature resistant silicone tubes, which can bear heavy objects without deformation of the rollers;

Cooling fan cooling setting, after the product comes out of the shrinking furnace, the cooling fan can quickly cool the shrink film and the product, so that the product shrinks better;

Jet heating
The stainless steel lamp tube heating and jetting method is adopted, combined with a powerful circulating wind system, to make the temperature of the heating chamber more uniform and the effect better;


Heat Shrink Packaging Machine Advantages

The shrinkage temperature and motor speed are stable and adjustable, and the adjustment range is wide;

The jet shrink packaging machine is used for shrink packaging of PVC, POF, PP, and other shrink films, especially suitable for shrinking PVC shrink film packaging;

The jet shrink packaging machine is currently the only equipment in China that adopts the jet principle to carry out jet shrink packaging equipment, which is energy-saving and efficient (over 15% power saving);

The product has the features of advanced design, extremely stable and reliable performance, good shrinkage effect, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. The service life of the product is obviously improved compared with similar products;


Polyethylene film heat shrinking machine is very practical packaging equipment. Through heat shrinking, it can quickly and efficiently pack items and provide good protection. With the continuous development of the packaging industry, polyethylene film heat-shrinking machines will continue to play an important role and provide convenient and efficient solutions for the packaging of various products.

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