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BS-G4525 Jet Thermal Heat Shrink Packing Machine For Sale

The BS-G4525 Jet shrink machine adopts a high-quality stainless steel heating tube, and the internal two-way heat circulating air makes the heat even, constant temperature, stable and reliable, low noise, and long life.


The jet heat shrink packaging machine adopts ceramic quartz constant temperature heat storage tube, electronic stepless speed automatic temperature adjustment, solid state relay control, stable and reliable, low noise and long life. It uses heat shrink film to wrap the product in a tight package to protect the product from the outside environment. The packaged product can be sealed, moisture-proof, and impact-proof, and is suitable for tight packaging and palletizing of multiple items.

jet heat shrink packaging machine

Jet Heat Shrink Packaging Machine Advantages

Powerful motor
Hot air circulation
Enlarge the furnace path
Intelligent temperature control

BS-G4525 Jet Shrink Machine Parameter

Model BS-4525
Voltage 220V/50-60HZ
Power 7.5KW
Tunnel size(mm) 900L*450W*250H
Temp. Range 0-300℃
Max.Load 10KG
Speed 0-10m/min
Machine Size(mm) 1200L*650W*1100H
Weight 90KG
Conveyor Style Net style/ Chain style /Teflon mesh
jet heat shrink packaging machine

BS-G4525 Heat Shrink Packaging Machine Feature

1. Dust is not sticky, easy to clean, life for a long time;
2. Intelligent digital display temperature controllerBS-G4525;
3. Jet shrink machine adjusts the height of the furnace passage;
4. Jet heating, internal circulation of hot air in furnace passage;

Temperature time checklist

Material PVC PP POF
Thickness(mm) 0.02-0.06 0.02-0.04 0.03-0.1
Heating time(s) 5-10 6-12 8-16
Shrink temperature(℃) 110-130 130-170 130-170

Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine Details

N0.1 shrinking furnace height adjustable chain conveyor;
N0.2 hot air internal circulation structure metal heating pipe;
NO.3 intelligent digital display temperature controller is more accurate and stable;

jet heat shrink packaging machine applications

The jet heat shrink packaging machine is an efficient and reliable packaging equipment suitable for various industries. Its advanced technology and simple operation make it ideal for product packaging. Whether it is to protect the integrity of the product or improve packaging efficiency, the jet shrink packaging machine can meet the needs and bring greater benefits to the enterprise.

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