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BS-6030 Automatic Far Infrared Heat Shrink Film Packing Machine

Far infrared heat shrink film packing machine is a kind of equipment used in the packaging industry to heat shrink the packaging film. It adopts far-infrared heating technology, through chain transmission, heats and shrinks the packaging film to the required size, so as to achieve the effect of tight packaging.


BS-6030 far-infrared heat shrinkable film packing machine packs the product or package with shrink film and then heats it to make the shrink film shrink and wrap the product or package tightly, which can reflect the exhibition and sales of the product, improve the taste of the product, increase the appearance and purchase desire. Shrink packaging is a very popular packaging method in the international market. It is suitable for thin mold-to-shrink packaging of various glass bottles, plastic bottles, styrofoam, cartons, beverages, food, toys, electronics, books, CDs, medicines, cosmetics, souvenirs, and other products of different specifications.

heat shrink packing machine

Temperature Time Checklist

Material PVC PP POF
Thickness(mm) 0.02-0.06 0.02-0.04 0.03-0.1
Heating time(s) 5-10 6-12 8-16
Shrink temperature(℃) 110-130 130-170 130-170

Here is the youtube video working process in our factory for packing the box for your reference!!

Heat Shrink Film Shrinking Machine Feature

Suitable for PVC, POF, PP, and shrink film;

Intelligent temperature control, powerful turbo motor;

The conveyor can choose an aluminum roller or Teflon mesh cover;

Teflon mesh cover

Using far-infrared tube heating, energy saving, and high efficiency (over 15% energy saving);

far-infrared tube heating

It adopts a spray structure, suitable for batch shrinkage production of software, biscuits, printing, pharmaceuticals and flooring, ceramics, beverages, beer, etc.;

packaged products

The shrinkage temperature and motor transmission speed are stable and controllable, the adjustment range is wide, there is an instrument display, and the original drum rotation device can work continuously;


This product has the characteristics of advanced design, stability and reliability, energy saving and high efficiency, good shrinking effect, novel and beautiful structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc., and can be applied to shrink packaging of any shrink film;


BS-6030 Far Infrared Chain Heat Shrink Film Shrinking Machine Parameter

Model BS-6030
Voltage 220V/50-60HZ
Power 6.5KW
Tunnel size(mm) 800L*600W*300H
Temp. Range 0-300℃
Max.Load 15KG
Speed 0-12m/min
Machine Size(mm) 1100L*600W*800H
Weight 71KG
Style Net style Chain style

Heat Shrink Film Packing Machine Advantages

When used for container packaging, it can prevent the container from flying when it is broken;

The sealing, moisture-proof, and pollution-proof of the packaged products are fully guaranteed, and the impact and damage from the outside can be mitigated;

It can prevent the possibility of the product being disassembled and stolen. This kind of packaging can generate a strong wrapping force, especially suitable for the collection and tray packaging of multiple items, which is obviously better than the traditional packaging method;

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