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BS-4535 Automatic Heat Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine

The BS-4535 Jet heat shrinking machine adopts a high-quality stainless steel heating tube, and the internal two-way heat circulating air makes the heat even, constant temperature, stable and reliable, low noise, and long life.


BS-4535 heat shrink packaging machine adopts high-quality stainless steel heat pipe, and the internal two-way heat circulation air makes the heat uniform, constant temperature, stable and reliable, low noise, and long life. The service life can be as long as more than ten years, and the high-power fan has a large air volume and even wind.

pe film shrink wrapping machine

Among them, BS4525A is a single hot air furnace, and BS4535A is a double hot air lengthened furnace, which shrinks faster and is suitable for heat-shrinkable films such as PVC, POF, and PP.

Applicable industries Wide range of packaging Applicable to food, beverage, candy, stationery, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical products, and other industries.

Heat Shrink Packaging Machine Advantages

1. Longer service life

2. Reasonable circuit layout

3. Stainless steel heating tube

4. Lightweight and convenient body

5. Stable transmission by large motor

6. Electronic constant temperature control

7. Wind circulation, uniform heat dissipation

8. The conveying chain rod is convenient for conveying

pe film heat shrink machine

BS-4535 Heat Shrink Wrap Machine Features

1. The thickness of the shrink film should be in the range of 0.02-1.1 mm.
2. The temperature of the shrink room and the speed of the conveyer are adjustable.
3. Furthermore, the height of the shrink tunnel is able to be adjusted according to the size of the packing goods.
4. BS-4535 Jet heat shrinking machine is suitable to shrink thin shrink films such as POF, PVC, PP, POP, and so on

BS-4535 Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine Parameter

Model BS-4535
Voltage 220V/50-60HZ
Power 10KW
Tunnel size(mm) 1200L*450W*350H
Temp. Range 0-300℃
Max.Load 30KG
Speed 0-10m/min
Machine Size(mm) 1600L*650W*1200H
Weight 120KG
Conveyor Style Net style/Chain style /Teflon mesh


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Temperature time checklist

Material PVC PP POF
Thickness(mm) 0.02-0.06 0.02-0.04 0.03-0.1
Heating time(s) 5-10 6-12 8-16
Shrink temperature(℃) 110-130 130-170 130-170


Heat Tunnel Shrink Wrap Machine Details

Powerful motor
High working efficiency, durable and safe;

Smart Control Panel
Digital display, simple operation, easy to use;

Power off switch protection
Emergency power off to protect the machine;

Pure copper wire
High-temperature resistance, not easy to damage, good conductivity;

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