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BS-260 Small Shrink PVC Film Wrapping Tunnel Machine For Sale

BS-260 Automatic shrink machine adopts far-infrared tube heating, energy saving and high efficiency, stable and controllable shrinking temperature and motor transmission speed, wide adjustment range, instrument display, roller auto-transmission device.


The small shrink tunnel machine uses shrink film to wrap the outer layer of the product or packaged product. After heating, the shrink film is tightened around the product or package, fully displaying the appearance of the product and improving the product’s salesability, increasing the appearance and sense of value, and shrinking the product at the same time. It can be sealed and has certain buffering properties, especially for fragile products. In addition, it can reduce the possibility of product being dismantled and stolen.It can continue working and is suitable for PP PVC POF PET film shrink packaging.

heat shrink packing machine

Small Shrink Tunnel Machine Advantages

Increase space;
Enlarge the motor;
Hot air circulation;
High quality casing;
Adjustable temperature;
The circuit is reasonable;

BS-260 Shrink Wrap Tunnel Machine Parameter

Model BS-260
Voltage 220V/50-60HZ
Power 3KW
Tunnel size(mm) 780L*260W150H
Temp. Range 0-300℃
Max.Load 5KG
Speed 0-10m/min
Machine Size(mm) 1000L*430W*580H
Weight 74KG
Conveyor Style Net style /Chain style


BS-260 Shrink Wrapping Machine Features

1. The operation is simple
2. Wide range of application
3. Electronic thermostatic control
4. Stainless steel transmission network
5. BS-260 Automatic shrink machine energy saving, environmental protection, and electricity saving

Small Shrink Tunnel Machine Details

Temperature time checklist

Material PVC PP POF
Thickness(mm) 0.02-0.06 0.02-0.04 0.03-0.1
Heating time(s) 5-10 6-12 8-16
Shrink temperature(℃) 110-130 130-170 130-170


Shrink Tunnel Machine Details

Adaptable to many industries and wide range of packaging
Widely used in product packaging in food, beverage, printing, pharmaceutical and other industries;

heat shrink packaged products

Quartz tube heating
Quartz tube heating combined with strong wind circulation makes the temperature in the heating chamber uniform, reducing energy consumption and saving electricity;

Quartz tube heating

Upgraded size to increase furnace space
Increased space volume allows you to shrink products with smaller size limitations. One machine can be used for multiple products to facilitate your production needs;

Upgraded size to increase furnace space

Intelligent electronic temperature control system
The temperature is adjustable. When the temperature of the shrink furnace reaches the set temperature, the machine automatically stops heating. When the temperature of the shrink furnace is lower than the set temperature, the machine automatically heats;

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