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A7 Handheld inkjet printer

A7 Handheld inkjet printer is developed by a team with 15 years of experience in ink-jet printing machines. The machine adopts the advanced architecture, A7 quad-core processors, dominant frequency up to 1.2 G, carrying 2 g bit DDR3 memory, and 4GB EMMC, both to ensure smooth operation at the same time, making the content stored in the FLASH is not easy to lose again, reduce the risk of the operating system stroke.


A7 Handheld inkjet printer includes a 5-inch high brightness capacitive touch screen, with wide viewing, and smooth and light operation. A7 adopts a full graphic operation interface with a clear hierarchy of each operation function module. Edit interface graphics drag and drop free typesetting, one-click zoom in and out, what you see is what you get, including text, graphics, bar code, time, date, serial number, variable code, and other identification content support. The parameter setting is divided into the general description and detailed setting so that all parameters can be clearly seen and accurately positioned before modification. A7 Handheld inkjet printer also supports USB disks. you can import pictures, text, excel, and print by row.

Feature of A7 Handheld inkjet printer

1. Be sure to use the charger(16.8V&1A) which is provided by the manufacturer.Do not use it at high temperatures, or else the battery may be disabled or destroyed.
2. Do not throw away when the ink cartridge is used up, to avoid environmental pollution.
3. A7 Handheld inkjet printer equipment working for a long time will cause static electricity. It needs grounding and an anti-static bracelet when the equipment works.
4. Please use the correct cartridge voltage, or else it will cause to damage.

Technical specifications of A7 Handheld inkjet printer

system Linux 3.4
LCD screen 5-inch capacitance touchscreen
Vertical resolution 300 DPI / 600 DPI
Speed max 40m/min character
Height 1.27cm
Font simhei, song, regular, traditional, Arial, DOT, 5×7, 7X9, 10X16, and other
Graphics Bitmap format monochrome or 24-bit color
Barcode 128 yards, UPC code, product code, 39, a job should code, QR codes, DM code
Counter max 8
Deadline support
U-disk import format TXT/XLSX
Information max size 3 GB
Print length max 2 meters
Max segments amount 5max


Work hours max 18 hours


Charging voltage 16.8 V

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